considering GX-270 or 260

Discussion in 'Dell' started by L, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. L

    L Guest

    Looking up specs on dell off lease web page it did not tell me how many
    memory slots there are and what size chips Can I put in and can they be
    of different capacity,e.g., 1gb and say 2gb and maybe 1/2GB as well.
    Thanks in advance.
    L, Feb 13, 2008
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  2. L

    Ben Myers Guest

    The Optiplex GX260 and GX270 both take sticks a max of 1GB in capacity. The
    GX270 tower has 4 DDR DIMM sockets, so its maximum total memory is 4GB, but
    Windows XP cannot really use more memory than 3GB. For the others, the most is
    2GB. In the 4-DIMM setup, you are well-advised to have pairs that match
    exactly, and the system will also work with one DDR DIMM. For the others, DDR
    DIMMs can be of unequal capacities... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Feb 13, 2008
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  3. L

    Jerry Guest

    Wasn't it one of those models that had a BIG problem with the
    motherboard capacitors? We lease Dells here at work, and one of my
    computers died from the motherboard cap problem. The IT support people
    said they were getting 2 or 3 of them a day. Pretty sure it was either
    the GX260 or the GX270. Buyer beware!

    Jerry, Feb 14, 2008
  4. L

    Ben Myers Guest

    The GX270 tower was afflicted... Ben Myers

    Ben Myers, Feb 15, 2008
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