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Context menu sometimes not showing up...

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Michael Moser, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. What I find increasingly annoying with my tablet is, that sometimes in
    Explorer the context menu on items (files, folders) is not showing up. I.e.
    I put my pen onto an object and wait for the wait-cursor (the rotating
    "donut") to complete its round but then nothing happens. Even after 10
    seconds or so nothing pops up. I then usually have to try several times,
    sometimes I also try clicking the mouse button (which I configured to
    correspond to a right click, which definitely should bring up the context
    menu) and still nothing happens. Usually then "somewhen", i.e. at the 5th or
    so attempt, the context menu finally appears.

    What could cause this? I find this most annoying and disrupting my workflow!

    Michael Moser, Mar 12, 2010
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  2. Michael Moser

    Jaime Guest

    When you get the "donut", are you then lifting the pen away from the screen?
    You shouldn't be waiting once you get the "donut".

    You didn't say what tablet you have, but my HP has a pen button that can be
    programmed as the right click, perhaps yours can, then you don't need to
    Jaime, Mar 12, 2010
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  3. No, I leave the pen on the screen, i.e. equivalent to "left mouse button
    I have a MotionComputing LE 1700, but I'ld argue it has nothing to do with
    HW since "normally" the context menu pops up as expected, only sometimes the
    system gets into some mode (or maybe it's a mood?) where it doesn't. If you
    read my append to the end, you'ld see, that I have my pen-button configured
    exactly as you suggest and still the context menu sometimes doesn't show up
    (neither after resting the pen on the screen NOR if I click that
    pen-button.over an object).

    Michael Moser, Mar 27, 2010
  4. Michael Moser

    Jaime Guest

    You missed my point, you **shouldn't be** holding it down.

    The way it works, is to move the pen away from the screen, once the donut
    appears and you will see the context menu.
    Jaime, Mar 27, 2010
  5. Yes, I know. But that's my point or rather my complaint: Normally it *does*
    behave that way, but if it's in that mood it doesn't.
    Neither, if I lift the pen directly after the "donut" appears (which - I
    agree - is the normal and "expected" behavior), nor if I wait until it has
    finished a circle nor if I wait even longer...

    Michael Moser, Apr 15, 2010
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