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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Carvin' Dunes, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Gang,
    I'm using 10.2.6. A couple of times, I've been cleaning out the cache
    folder that Eudora seems to have put no size limit on by default. I
    was using the list view (whatever it's's the list view from
    previous versions of the OS), had the triangle clicked to show that
    folder's contents.

    I selected a good couple dozen files, and ctrl-clicked on them, and as
    I scrolled the mouse down to the Move to Trash option, the blue line
    stalled on the Open command for several seconds. Then eventually it
    jumped to catch up with the mouse pointer, which was waiting on Move to

    I did this several times, and it seems that the stall is proportional
    to the number of files I have selected--greater number of files, the
    longer I wait.

    This is more than a little frustrating, because I have something of the
    same issue using OS9 on my work computer. Sometimes that contextual
    menu is extremely slow to appear at all on that computer, sometimes
    pops up immediately.

    Do I just not have the correct clicking motion? ;-)

    Any suggestions on how to fix this in OSX appreciated (the work
    computer will hopefully be replaced with a G5 later this year!)

    Carvin' Dunes, Jul 22, 2003
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