Corrupted JPEG, good Preview copying from Hi-Speed CF reader

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Lot-o-fun, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Lot-o-fun

    Lot-o-fun Guest

    Two questions for all you experts out there:

    1) I have a corrupted JPG (opening the image only shows a little stripe
    at the top), but the "Preview" that shows up with I do a "Get info" on
    the file (or when I select the file using "Column" mode in Finder") is
    just fine. How do I extract the "Preview" and save it as its own file?
    Is this something that's in the resource fork? (By the way, this is
    not a "thumbnail" of the picture...the icon shows up as generic.)

    2) I got a Dazzle brand Hi-Speed CompactFlash Reader/Writer a couple of
    weeks ago. I use it to download pictures from a digital camera that
    takes pictures as both RAW and JPG. This way I can copy the RAW
    pictures to the hard drive to save them if I want prints, and put the
    JPGs into iPhoto. Today some of the JPGs were corrupted when I copied
    them over. I went back and discovered that many of the RAW files are
    corrupted---in fact, after checking dates I think that ALL of the RAW
    files copied over using this reader are bad. The files seem to copy
    over just fine with my older (slower) reader. Does anyone know if this
    is a problem with these readers in general, or do I just have a bad

    Lot-o-fun, Nov 15, 2005
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