CPU Bios Update Code Mismatch

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Dan, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I recently got a DX6G+ off ebay...the board looks brand new. I have
    two PIII 800Mhz cpu's in there. The BIOS has been flashed to
    version 31 R1.08 (May 30, 2000 - the latest on Aopen's site).

    When I boot, it sees the procs as 800Mhz, but I get
    CPU Bios Update Code Mismatch
    Equipment Mismatch Error

    If I press F1, I get it to start up...it's annoying. :) (is there a
    way to disable this stop and is there a problem with running like
    this? - perhaps the microcode is perfect on the CPU and doesn't need
    updating :)

    The CPU is a 100Mhz bus CPU, which is what this board supports.

    Does anyone know how to get this board to recognize the CPU properly?
    Both of the CPU's are known to be working came out of a working Dell
    dual-proc machine.
    Dan, Aug 13, 2003
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  2. Dan

    c Guest

    I've never used that particular board, but some of the Pentium boards have
    an option in the BIOS to disable the CPU ID function. You might want to
    check for that.

    c, Aug 13, 2003
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  3. Dan

    Dan Guest

    It is working now. I had pulled down some microcode bios update tool
    from an ACER website (found by searching on my error message) and it
    gave a lot more diagnostics than the checkup6 program. It let me
    verify that the database file I had contained a microcode update for
    my processor. I then ran the checkup6 program with that datafile and
    it works now. I guess yesterday (it was late) I just ran checkup6
    without telling it what datafile to use and assumed that it
    automatically used the one that came with it.

    It's not good to troubleshoot at 1am, especially when dealing with
    such low levl parts of the machine :) Now...if I can just figure out
    how I converted things to sanskrit... :)
    Dan, Aug 13, 2003
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