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CPU Speed is detected wrong

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by User1067, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. User1067

    User1067 Guest


    My System:
    CPU: Athlon XP 2400+ (Thorton)
    MB: Asus A7V266-E with VIA KT266A Chipsatz
    BIOS: 1015 Beta 003

    The CPU mentioned above is in the BIOS (bootscreen) as well as in
    Windows (dxdiag) detected as an Athlon XP 2000+.

    Everest Home told me nearly the same:
    AMD Athlon XP, 1678 MHz (12.5 x 134) 2000+
    Family/Model/Stepping ID: 7/8/1
    Actual clockrate: 1666 MHz, max. clockrate: 2200 MHz.

    In the BIOS Option CPU-Speed 3 Options are shown:
    - Manual
    - 1,25 (12,5x, 100MHz FSB)
    - 1,66 (12,5x, 133 MHz FSB)
    If I choose "Manual", I can only choose values between 5.0x and 12.5x
    for the Multiplier.

    To solve this Problem, I already tried to
    - Clear CMOS
    - Set the PALO_FREQ Jumper from Athlon to Palomino (after that, there
    were 600, 800 & Manual to choose for CPU-Speed in the BIOS)
    - BIOS downgrade to Version 1011 Final

    Does anyone know, how to solve the Problem? Thanks!
    User1067, Mar 13, 2005
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  2. User1067

    Anatol OPREA Guest


    Your problem seems to be retaled to a motherboard limit... Most
    probably Asus did not intend to support Thorton versions of AMD CPU-s
    on chipset bellow KT333!
    As I know Thorton kernel is derived from Bartons CPU-s, which did not
    function at 166 FSB or have cache problems in the last half of 512Kb
    2nd level. So they deactivated 256 Kb of cache and decreased the FSB
    down to 133 MHz. Motherboards usually recongnise the peocessor based
    on stepping and revision versions so it is very possible that it does
    not interpret propoerly your processor, especially a Thorton (it
    has different rating than Throughbred).

    I don't know by heart their rating system, but i made a calculus:

    2000 Mhz divided by 133FSB ~= 15, which should be the multiplier for
    your processor.

    I checked on asus site and I found that your mobo support Thorton
    Procesor up to PCB version 1.07 and BIOS revision 1015.001

    You need PCB revision at least 1.07 because the power system is a
    little bit different (the motherboard can provide a lower core voltage
    which is required by the CPU, otherwise you can burn it). By the way,
    usually asus print PCB revision in the middle of the mainboard near
    AGP slot!

    This is the link to CPU support:


    Good luck!
    Anatol OPREA, Mar 15, 2005
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