CPU upgrade for Dell Dimension 4100

Discussion in 'Dell' started by hunter, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. hunter

    hunter Guest

    I found these links

    "...The newer Tualatin CPUs (1.13 GHz and up) will not work on these
    machines because of the different core voltages and bus signaling
    levels. Powerleap does have an adapter, the Neo S370/T, to allow use
    of Tualatin CPUs on older motherboards, but apparently it doesn't work
    properly on these machines. Powerleap says that they are working on a
    new version which may resolve this problem..."

    "..PL-370/T™ with 1.4 GHz "Tualatin"
    Celeron: $149.95.."

    "...Warning: After flashing to an Intel BIOS you can no longer use the
    Dell Windows Cd that you received with your system. If you have a
    problem and need to reinstall your OS, you will need to purchase a new
    version of Windows. We apologize for any inconvenience this may
    cause, as we have just become aware of the problem. Thank a man named
    JOE for bringing this to our attention..."

    on the last link (quickbase.com), it references having to flash the
    dell bios and the page shows the operating system as Win2000.
    I run Windows 2003 Enterprise on my Dell Dimension 4100 and wonder if
    I lose the installed OS after/if/ I flash the BIOS?
    hunter, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. regarding the comment about not being able to use your dell provided windows
    restore cd after flashing the system with the intel branded bios... that
    only applies to 'windows 2000 professional' which dell shipped with a bios
    check in one of the installation files. if run on a system without a dell
    branded bios the installation halts. i can't recall the exact file that
    would need to be replaced, but if someone is really curious you can search
    for my old posts on this subject... the serial number/license of course is
    still good and valid to use should you need to reload the system, you just
    have to replace the one file on the boot disk to get past the bios lock.
    Christopher Muto, Nov 25, 2003
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