cpu upgrade to a SN41G2

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. HI,
    As a programmer who has never got into the hardware side of computing
    I would like to ask a coiuple of questions here.

    I have just bought a SN41G2 with a socket A athlon xp 2600+ chip and
    would like to give it a bit more life by upgrading the cpu.
    I understand from my basic research that as a maximum I could put a
    athlon xp barton 3000+ into a socket a board. Is that right ?

    And my next question is - Would you recommend a complete beginner to
    be able to swap the cpus ?

    The specs are below


    Shuttle FN41, Shuttle form factor, proprietary design for SN41G2
    chipset: NVIDIA nForce2 (Crush 18G)
    Award V6.0PG BIOS, 4MBit flash memory
    with hardware monitoring and ACPI power management functions
    dimensions: 25.4 x 18.5 cm

    Power supply unit
    200 Watt mini PSU, supports 115/230V
    connectors: 20-pin ATX, 4-pin ATX12V

    Processor support
    Socket A supports AMD Athlon XP und Duron processors
    at 333, 266 oder 200 FSB, supports Sempron,
    supports Burn Proof CPU protection for Athlon XP

    Memory support
    2 x 184 pin slots, supports Dual Channel
    supports PC3200/2700/2100/1600 (DDR400/333/266/200) DDR SDRAM memory
    up to a total size of 2GB
    Caution: DDR400 is only supported in conjunction with an additional
    (plugged-in) AGP-graphics card
    no support of buffered or ECC-modules
    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 20, 2007
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  2. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    Eric Parker Guest

    Not too difficult.
    Usual rider here that it is done at your own risk.
    I am not responsible for any disasters that may arise.
    Do you have the manual ?

    You have to remove the heatsink and clean it. Removing any old thermal
    Make sure the new CPU is clean on top of the chip.
    Swap them over, paying heed to anti static measures.
    Add a small amount of thermal paste to the top of the new CPU chip. The
    is there to fill the small gaps due to manufacturing imperfections in
    the surfaces.
    Replace the heatsink taking great care not to tighten one edge more than
    It is easy to crack one edge if the heatsink is not tightened on all
    sides at the same

    I'd clear the CMOS.
    Then adjust the BIOS settings if needed to get the most out of the CPU.

    First use Memtest to make sure the CPU & memory do not have issues.
    One complete pass.

    Then use motherboard monitor to check the CPU temperature and run
    torture test overnight. Make sure the CPU temp does not go over 60C and
    errors are returned.

    If that works then you are away.

    One further point about those Shuttles.
    I built about 8 of them 3-4 years ago.
    I've since replaced 6 of their PSUs.
    I expect to replace the others soon.
    It is the capacitor problem, swelling & leakage.

    Eric Parker, Aug 20, 2007
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  3. Thanks for that full reply.
    I don't have a manual but I expect to be able to find one at the
    shuttle site.
    It seems reading your instructions that if I take it slowly and
    methodically I *should* be ok.

    If I were to replace the psu at some point presumably I could up the
    wattage ?

    I can possibly imagine myself enjoying tinkering inside a box now -
    many thanks
    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 20, 2007
  4. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    joesmith Guest

    yeah but is is worth it ... I can only picture it might be worth it if
    you have a 2600 with a 266 FSB and 256K cache. and I still you are only
    moving to the 3000 with 333 FSB and 512K cache. that is not a big leap
    At that point pop the system on Ebay ( believe it or not you can still
    get $100-$200 for that system) and get a new one.
    especially if you have that crap 200W Achme supply... that is waiting to
    die on you
    joesmith, Aug 20, 2007
  5. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    Eric Parker Guest

    If you can't locate the manual I have a copy.

    Yes there are 250 & 300 watt PSUs that will fit.

    Good luck.

    Eric Parker, Aug 20, 2007
  6. I take your point about the financial sense of doing it - but I really
    like the look of these machines and want to keep it as much up to date
    as possible. Maybe the whole board can be updated in time ?
    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 20, 2007
  7. I take your point about the financial sense of doing it - but I really
    like the look of these machines and want to keep it as much up to date
    as possible. Maybe the whole board can be updated in time ?
    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 20, 2007
  8. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    joesmith Guest

    doubt you can upgrade the board.... the shuttles are design around the
    case idea...so the whole thing is pretty much customized.

    if you really like the shuttle... they make new ones for new cpus
    I am thinking of getting a Core2 one that supports a quad core
    an athlon 2600 to 3000 just doesn't seem like it is worth the upgrade

    I used my sn41g2 over the years and have to admit I loved it..
    it just worked and that is the true sign of quality
    I used it as a PVR 24/7
    low power, quiet , and the only really problem was the crappy PS.
    it died 2 weeks ago during a storm ...now it won't power up
    I miss it..but now I think it is time to move on

    like I said you can get at least $100 buck probably close to $200 on
    ebay for a working ( hell my broken one will go for at least $50)
    a new shuttle kit is $200-$300 depending on options
    so all you need to pay for is the cpus and dimms
    memory has fallen through the floor lately 2 gig is under a hundered
    after rebates even less ( check slick deals ) and a basic dual core cpu
    would smoke a 3000 easy .By september an intel quad core will be under
    $200 according to what I am reading.

    a 3000 will run you $50 on ebay ( being the fastest cpu most socket A
    boards can run it cost more than say a 2800)

    SO yeah it is only $50 buck for the upgrade to 3000..but you get a very
    small return. where as you spend say $250 ( after selling the old one)
    and you get something smokin' fast comparably, relatively new and will
    last you a lot longer... I don't see anything requiring a dual core soon
    never mind a quad core.

    I don't know your finances ...but I would either wait till I could
    afford the new system or do the $250 upgrade
    A 3000 is just not worth it unless you find one for really low money

    whoops for got about the video card , a sn41g2 uses internal or AGP
    so if you are using internal then you would need that option. if not a
    basic Nvidia would do the trick at $50-$200 depending on option
    joesmith, Aug 21, 2007
  9. what you say makes a lot of sense - and I think in time I probably
    will buy a completely new shuttle but for the moment I prefer the
    design of this version to the latest completely minmal style. I can
    always use my sn41g2 as a basic hdd recorder for the TV when I want to
    move on.
    infact I already have a dual core machine for my serious needs
    (althought I'm not a gamer) so the shuttle thing is more of an eye
    candy purchase. And if I can learn a bit about hardware upgrading -
    more the better.

    Thanks for your thoughts
    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 21, 2007
  10. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    joesmith Guest

    not to challenge you .. but
    What do you mean they look almost identical .a small silver or black box
    unless you are talking about those mini systems that look like a shrunk
    mid tower
    here look at this one


    learn about building systems is a good thing...but you won't learn much
    from a shuttle ( just not enough to put together )not like the old 486
    days where you need a video card ,audio card,disk controller card lan
    and modem.. they are all built in now a days
    I remember a p90 that mobo and video card would cause a problem with the
    disk controller ( uggggh that took about 2 weeks of MS tech suppport to
    figure out, luckily it was free) those problems are solve

    then again.. a shuttle is good for learning to get into tight places
    joesmith, Aug 22, 2007
  11. I assumed that the latest shuttles were only the 'shrunk midi towers'
    design but the link you had was really great! You're right its
    identical to the sn41g2 - I will rememeber that when I need to upgrade
    my new toy.

    As for learning about building system I am more than happy to learn
    the leisurely way - 2 weeks of MS support for a single issue? I
    applaud your skill and patience but I would rather have a coding
    problem for 2 weeks than a hardware one.

    I have now got from ebay a 3000+ (mobile) barton that I plan to try in
    the shuttle plus a new dvd drive. If they both work I will be a very
    happy bunny.

    robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com, Aug 27, 2007
  12. robertpayneemail**at**googlemail.com

    joesmith Guest

    a mobile 3000 ... tell me if that works .I am not sure it will
    joesmith, Aug 28, 2007
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