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cpu usage high with zero load

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Peter Herrington, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Hi

    I have and amd system 1.2 overclocked to 1.3 on asus
    mobo a7n266-vm.ram 256mb ddr ,40gb hdd.
    It has been stable for a year,but all of a sudden 2 thing began to
    happen.After bootup into winme,moving the mouse caused the cpu to move
    backwards to zero,as per cool beans system info at www.coolbeans.ws
    wintop showed cpu idle time at 95%.good, right.?
    But then it got worse,after opening a program or two,like going into folders
    and closing them,the cpu goes up all the way to 50%.Wintop still shows cpu
    idle at 98% mostly.
    My system has slowed down dramatically since this started. I started from
    scratch,installed win98se with no other programs,clean install,cool beans
    still showed this problem.So it is definately hardware related.
    There is an article at Microsoft about the mouse movement zeroing cpu,but it
    is is stated as an OS problem.Since both OS's I have mentioned did not do
    this previously,this I do not believe is my current problem.
    In BIOS,spread spectrum is disabled,ram is using SPD(Autodetect correct
    DMA on HDD and CDROM

    Any ideas,I am stumped after searching google for days.
    Peter Herrington, Jul 6, 2003
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  2. Hi

    That program is not on my pc,I had asusprobe on onetime,and used the cpu
    cooling,and my cpu did go to 100%,so I got rid of it fast.

    The win98se installatio I emntioed in my earlier message had no added
    software,of any kind,stock win98se,only collbeans and wintop so I could see
    what was happening.But still the problem is there.
    I have had my pc on for a few hours now,since I wrote the original
    message,and the cpu is now at 70%,with wintop showing idle at 60% and
    explorer at 30%

    I see that one thread in idle is the culprit,but I dont know how to examine
    what is causing it,or what software to use.

    Any ideas?

    Peter Herrington, Jul 6, 2003
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  3. Um, CPUIdle, CPUCooling and all the other programs like that don't actually
    make your CPU usage go up even though that's what's being reported - It just
    appears that way, it's the program doing it's thing and therefore nothing to
    worry about... What I'm saying is, when I had CPUIdle installed it was
    interfering with the "System" thread in task manager and slowing my whole PC
    down to a crawl. If it's not hardware related, and I doubt it is, try
    starting your system using a diagnostic startup in msconfig or even in safe
    mode and see if you get the same problem when there are no other programs
    running in the background. That's what I did and the problem went away,
    after that it was a case of eliminating the culprit.
    Tin-Char D'un, Jul 6, 2003
  4. Peter Herrington

    Minotaur Guest

    Tried running Ad-Aware etc?
    Wouldn't be surprised if you caught something, thats always the case here
    when something weird happens.

    Minotaur, Jul 8, 2003
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