CPU Utilization s/b 100% for backup?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by jtsnow, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. jtsnow

    jtsnow Guest

    Im doing image backups over my home LAN 100baseT to a Dell Dimension P3 600
    XP SP2, 640mb, to USB 2.0 PCI card to 250G external harddrive.

    During this backup time, CPU utilization on the P3 Server is 100% and
    network is 20%.

    If I do the identical backup to a installed HD on the same P3 PC the CPU
    utilization is 75% and network still 20%.

    Any way to make USB more efficient CPU use wise.?

    What should CPU usage be for something like this?

    Any insight appreciated
    jtsnow, Feb 2, 2005
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  2. What kind of image backups, using what program? Compression may eat a
    lot of CPU on that system...
    William P.N. Smith, Feb 2, 2005
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  3. jtsnow

    jtsnow Guest

    its Norton Ghost. The CPU usage problem is at the destination PC. All the
    compression processing is at the source PC. I must be someting to do with
    the USB. Are there better USB 2.0 PCI cards that others. maybe one that
    offloads the CPU of processing?
    jtsnow, Feb 2, 2005
  4. Enterprise or cable-linked? Ghost is a good program, but it's _very_
    William P.N. Smith, Feb 3, 2005
  5. jtsnow

    jtsnow Guest

    doesnt matter....exact same backup, same data, same network . Backup to
    USB2.0 is like 5x as slow as to disk on the same PC over the network
    jtsnow, Feb 5, 2005
  6. jtsnow

    Tom Scales Guest

    How do you figure that?

    Network = 100mbps
    USB2 = 480mbps

    Tom Scales, Feb 5, 2005
  7. Those are theoretical hardware-level link speeds, and may have little
    relation to real-world operation. The OP is, indeed, seeing
    significant differences. As a SWAG, I'd say drivers, hardware, and
    general software overhead.

    Try http://www.hdtune.com for a fine disk speed benchmarking tool...
    William P.N. Smith, Feb 5, 2005
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