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crackling popping sounds on abit nf7-s

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by lonesw0rdsman, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. I just got an abit nf7-s rev. 2 Anyhow basically
    what the subject line reads. I know it has the soundstorm sound chip. But I
    was wondering why its doing that. Do I need to update my drivers ? Thanks
    for any suggestions.

    lonesw0rdsman, Nov 18, 2004
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  2. lonesw0rdsman

    rms Guest

    rms, Nov 19, 2004
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  3. lonesw0rdsman

    jakesnake66 Guest

    When does it crackle and pop? Just generally, or at specific times? Is it
    loud? Have you noticed it associated with the movement of your mouse?

    jakesnake66, Nov 22, 2004
  4. Its kind of always there. Sometimes it affects the video sometimes not. Ive
    upgraded some other nforce ware drivers and it seems better now. Well the
    last game I played went good. Its in battlefield 1942. I went to that
    newsgroup and asked there. Someone replied saying that bf is known to have
    sound issues.
    lonesw0rdsman, Nov 23, 2004
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