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Crashing with RTX100 Xtreme and Premiere Pro

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by Marc and/or Teresa Sparks, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey-

    To anyone who's been having a lot of random crashes while scrubbing
    with the new XTools and Premiere Pro, I may have found the solution. I
    was getting 10-20 crashes a day. (Luckily, you could still save
    projects after it crashed, but a time waster to say the least.)

    Anyway, on a hunch, I went into preferences on Premiere Pro and turned
    off the option to play audio while scrubbing. Tada! Unfortuantely I
    didn't figure it out until after finishing 3 big projects, but I can't
    make it crash now no matter how fast I scrub. I even left Photoshop
    running once.

    Hopefully this will save someone a headache. For reference, I'm
    running it on a dual-Athlon 2200+, Tyan Tiger MB, 1GB DDR, Sound
    Blaster Audigy Platnum (causing the problem?), and a Promise TX2 RAID
    card striped with WD 120GB EIDE drives. Both the RAID and the RTX100
    are on 66Mhz slots, but I'm not sure in what order.

    Marc Sparks
    Marc and/or Teresa Sparks, Dec 3, 2003
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