Creative Approaches To Mounting Zalman's Passive Drive Cooler?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Paul, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Doesn't the Sonata have a hard drive bay facing you, and the normal
    bay intended for CD drives ? It looks like the Zalman is intended to
    fit in a CD drive footprint, so maybe attaching some CD drive
    slides, to the side mounted dampers, will make the cooler fit the
    CD rack ? (My CD drive did not fit easily in the Sonata, so expect
    a fight with the fit.)

    Now, those dampers had better be pretty stiff, if they are going
    to hold up a disk drive...

    The Zalman manual also shows a drive being mounted to the bottom of
    the computer case, by drilling four holes in the bottom of the
    case, then using the four dampers vertically. That would work
    the same way as the Sonata "trays" for the hard drive bay.

    Of course, if you are a "burner freak", you won't have any
    spare CD bays :)

    On one of my computer cases, I have a 120mm fan mounted in a
    custom frame, that bolts to the front of the computer case.
    The frame is made from aluminum angle iron from the hardware
    store. The fan covers three drive bays, leaving the top (CD) bay
    accessible. The fan runs on a Fanmate, at less than 12V, and
    is pretty quiet. The drive fan helps the hard drives get
    outside air, instead of sitting in a pool of stale air.
    None of the fans on this case are cranked up. This would
    be an alternative to the Zalman solution.

    \/ | Drive1 ---> PSU \/|
    /\ | Drive2 air /\|
    | Exhaust \/|
    | \/ Intake fan /\|
    | /\ fan |
    Paul, Apr 13, 2005
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  2. The one with blue sides and tubes over the top - makes the drive quite a bit
    wider than a bay.

    Zalman suggests drilling mounting holes in the case, but my Sonata doesn't have
    the space.

    I'm tempted to just suspend the thing in the case with a couple bungees on each
    end and try to remember not to rock the case...
    (Pete Cresswell), Apr 13, 2005
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