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Creative Music Synth [220] is my favorite MIDI synth|

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Radium, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Creative Music Synth [220] = SB16 ISA's FM synth = my favorite MIDI

    I don't care for other MIDI synths.

    Sample-playback MIDI synths are the worst audio equipment ever. They
    are stinky, tickly, itchy, creepy, irritating, farty, hissy,
    terrifying, disgusting, and annoying.

    I like the audio quality of Creative Music Synth [220]. It sounds so
    warm, fresh, bright, rejuvenating, lively and effervescent.

    I called Creative Labs and asked them what is the latest Windows OS
    that supports SB16 ISA. They said Win98 SE is the newest WinOS that is
    still compatible with Creative's ISA cards. Even WinME doesn't support
    the ISA SoundBlasters. That is why WIN98SE is my favorite OS.
    Unfortunately, WIN98SE will no longer receive updates or support after
    July 11th 2006

    The only thing about Creative Labs that I like is their Creative Music
    Synth [220]. Other than that, they are a piece of kakaa.

    Creative Labs is one f--king piece of crap that provides sh--ty
    customer service. Their tech support is so limited.

    I've asked them about Creative Music Synth [220] only to be

    Creative Labs also uses such f--ked up sickening disgusting
    sample-playback synths in their PCI cards.

    I wish that gang of persons who support Creative Music Synth [220]
    would attack Creative Technology and force them to make hardware
    versions of Creative Music Synth [220] upgraded to from 16-bit to
    32-bit, from 44.1 Khz to 192 Khz, and from stereo channels to 7.1

    If Creative Technology refuses, I hope the CMS220-advocating gang ties
    up the people who make up that company and torturously force them to
    repeatedly listen to sample-playback MIDI synths and emulation until
    those Creative personnel are annoyed with burning headaches and are
    deathly desperate for an escape. Only then will the people of Creative
    Technology do the right thing -- make the upgraded version of Creative
    Music Synth [220].

    A rich spoiled-rotten company like Creative deserves to be heinously
    hijacked and forced to do their duties.

    I feel like torching the chips of sample-playback synths with
    oxyacetylene flames to distort their audio output.

    Anyone who respectfully uses any sample-playback MIDI synth needs to be
    put in a mental hospital ASAP for his/her own good as he is a danger
    to him/herself.

    Creative Music Synth [220] is my favorite MIDI synth.

    Its those sample-playback synths that are crap.

    Sadly most MIDI magazines advertise the kakaa-stinky sample playback as
    a good thing often referring to them as "wavetables". These sick
    marketers call sample-playback synthesis "realistic sounding".

    Sample-playbacks synths are nothing more than the sound of a stinky
    fart emitted from a human colon.

    I've been looking hard for true FM synths. No luck. Most PCI cards have
    OPL emulation. I hate FM emulation. FM emulation -- much like any
    sample-playback synthesis -- is to the ear what human kakaa is to the

    I want *real* FM synthesis not some stinky trashy out-of-a-human-behind

    Those stinky-f==king marketers who refer to sample-playback synthesis
    as "wavetables" deserve to be thrown into the sewer and made to eat
    their own crap.

    There is a world of different between sample-playback synthesis and
    wavetable synthesis.

    Wavetable synthesis is so much better than any kakaa-spitting
    sample-playback synth but not nearly as heavenly as *true* FM
    synthesis. Of all the *true* FM synths, Creative Music Synth [220] is
    my favorite.

    If a synth is *not*:

    1. *Real*


    2. *Digital*


    3. *Real-time*


    4. *Hardware*

    then it,
    Radium, Jun 5, 2006
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  2. Radium

    Folk Guest

    Given that Creative doesn't actually read these groups, who exactly do
    you think you're influencing with this drivel?
    Folk, Jun 5, 2006
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  3. yes but you didn't have to post that like several dozen times
    gfa midi charles, Jun 5, 2006
  4. Radium

    Pat Guest

    Pat, Jun 13, 2006
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