Creative SB Live! vs NVIDIA/Realtek

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Mark, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Just installed A8N-SLI Deluxe system, all OK and running nicely.

    I used to have a Creative Soundblaster Live card in old system which was
    great, I'd got it all set up just the way I wanted playing especially.

    However, it badly crashed my system (dead system just before explorer kicks
    in) when I just installed it and I had to replace the registry files to get
    it all back again.

    Before I try again, is it worth it? What's the sound quality and tools like
    with the on-board Realtek sound? Which drivers/tools Realtek or NVIDIA should
    I install?

    So, SB Live or Realtek?

    Mark, Aug 3, 2005
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  2. Mark

    John Doe Guest

    Old Soundstorm vs. SBLive I would rate as equal. SBLive vs. onboard Realtek
    is well worth the effort. Nvidia SUCKS for not continuing Soundstorm on

    Use your SBLive. But remember it's old. Remember the old days of having to
    configure IRQ's & DMA settings? Look in BIOS and reserve IRQ 5 for
    Soundblaster. That should solve crashes & you'll be fine.
    John Doe, Aug 4, 2005
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  3. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Thanks for the reply.
    I never reserved IRQ on old system, Win2K just got on with it.

    Any way I tried it and reserving IRQ5 didn't work, nothing I've done so far
    does including letting MS install drivers when it finds hardware, doing it
    myself, changing PCI slots...

    I don't play games just use the PC as my main music listening source. Guess
    I'll have to try the built-in sound ;-(

    I like to play with sound quality (my old ears need high freq boost for
    instance) and the old Creative programs remembered and allowed me to save
    equaliser settings for different types of music. I need something like that.

    Mark, Aug 4, 2005
  4. IIRC the newest Live! drivers can be found at OEMs that used the card.
    (And there's still some modified drivers, see
    <>.) That said, maybe
    you'd be better off with something more contemporary like an Audigy 2ZS
    for gaming. The output stage still sucks (i.e. audiophiles would choose
    another card), but at least the converters are decent (the Live! used
    some AC97 codec for the front out, which is why the kX Project drivers
    default to use the rear out with its better quality I2S DAC) and it's
    got more processing power (and thus support for more advanced sound
    effect processing) than the frequently rather finicky oldie you have.
    The onboard sound would have no hardware acceleration for sound effects
    (--> slower in games) and sound quality roughly on par with the old
    BTW, that board seems to give trouble with more kinds of sound cards. A
    BIOS update may not be the worst of ideas. (If that shouldn't help, you
    can still feel a proud bananaware owner. :p)

    Stephan Grossklass, Aug 4, 2005
  5. Mark

    John Doe Guest

    The following from Creative site; troubleshooting. You probably have both

    "Problems with the Sound Blaster Live! and motherboards with no ISA slots

    The Sound Blaster Live! card uses two interrupt requests (IRQ's) - one is
    IRQ5, which is reserved by the SB 16 emulation by default - the other is
    reserved by the Sound Blaster Live! card itself, and is usually of the
    higher range 9,10 or 11.

    If a motherboard does not have ISA slots, the BIOS assigns all IRQs to PCI.
    Therefore, you need to change the BIOS setting in order to assign an ISA IRQ
    to the card. Please set "IRQ5 Reserved for legacy device" to "Yes" under
    Advanced -> PCI configuration -> PCI/PNP IRQ Resource Exclusion in BIOS.

    SoundBlaster Live! - System hangs during Windows startup

    This problem is occasionally caused by a DOS driver conflict. Follow these
    steps to remove the DOS drivers:

    1.. Restart Windows.
    2.. When the message 'Starting Windows 9X' appears, press the F8 key.
    3.. Select 'Step By Step Confirmation'.
    4.. Say Yes to all entries except
    from loading.
    5.. Restart your system.
    If you do not need support for legacy DOS games, and especially if you need
    to free up some resources, you can disable your DOS drivers as follows:

    1.. Click Start and go to Settings. Click Control Panel and go to System.
    Click Device Manager. Double-click 'Creative Miscellaneous Devices'.
    2.. Right-click Creative SB16 Emulation. and then click Properties.
    3.. In the General tab, tick the option 'Disable in this hardware
    4.. Restart the system. "
    John Doe, Aug 5, 2005
  6. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Thanks Joe.
    I saw these items today whilst troubleshooting.
    I have Win2K. It ignores BIOS IRQ settings and assigns the card one used for
    PCI steering, usually 17.
    The DOS bit is for Win98.

    I've given up. I'm running with just MS drivers which gives me some sound
    until I can decide what to upgrade to.
    Rear speaker doesn't work though :-(

    Mark, Aug 5, 2005
  7. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Stephan Grossklass () wrote:

    I'll look at the modified drivers, thanks for that. I tried all sorts to get
    around the problem today and decided that it was a Creative driver conflict
    with Win2K or more probably some driver used by my new motherboard,
    probably NVIDIA nForce4 drivers. I managed to wipe everything clean in
    registry and start again in Safe Mode installing the latest drivers for this
    card and all is well until I select the SB Live! Wave Device for sound
    Yes, I've looked at those today but some others have problems with this and
    the A8N-SLI.

    The output stage still sucks (i.e. audiophiles would choose
    Such as? My main use of the sound card is listening to music, mostly on CD
    but also DVD. I don't play games.
    On board sound very dull, not bright enough for me. NVMixer stopped working
    after 10 minutes!
    Yep :-(
    Am using one of the latest.

    Thanks for your input Stephen, appreciated.

    Mark, Aug 5, 2005
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