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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ian Gregory, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Ian Gregory

    Ian Gregory Guest

    I just did a little analysis of the xover data for articles
    posted to comp.sys.mac.system that are currently held on the
    Individual.NET server.

    Of 39,237 articles, 7,284 were cross-posted and of those, 1,434
    were cross-posted to more than 4 groups. The largest number of
    groups cross-posted to was 10 (3 articles cross-posted to 10
    groups). Articles have been cross-posted to 119 other groups,
    the top ten (based on number of articles cross-posted to each

    2845 comp.sys.mac.advocacy
    2081 alt.cellular.cingular
    2019 comp.sys.mac.apps
    1764 comp.sys.mac.misc
    1458 misc.consumers
    1373 alt.cellular.verizon
    906 comp.sys.mac.comm
    313 comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc
    219 alt.cellular.t-mobile
    189 comp.sys.mac.portables

    The ten most incongrouous (IMHO) were:

    18 microsoft.public.pocketpc
    16 alt.usenet.kooks
    14 alt.religion.wicca
    11 alt.astrology
    10 alt.gossip.celebrities
    7 free.christians
    5 alt.dads-rights.unmoderated
    2 misc.transport.trucking

    Someone recently said that they were blocking anything crossposted to
    uk.* because of low signal to noise ratio. Whatever the merit of the
    posts in question there are not actually very many of them:

    47 uk.d-i-y
    8 uk.comp.sys.mac


    By the way, zara has given email addresses at no less than 22 domains,
    including the imaginatively titled (and unregistered) "",
    and the appropriately titled (and available for sale) "".
    Isn't data mining fun:)
    Ian Gregory, Sep 3, 2007
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  2. Ian Gregory

    Dick Sidbury Guest

    How far back do they go?
    one of these days I'm going to killfile all posts that are crossposted
    to any advocacy group. I've never found one that has enough content to
    make it worth reading.
    probably during the heyday of the iPhone rollout.
    what? I can't believe that there are no posts to *.pro-wrestling (or
    whatever it's called)
    does he still post here?

    oh, and the info was interesting. Thanks for the work.

    Dick Sidbury, Sep 3, 2007
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  3. Ian Gregory

    Tim Murray Guest

    Yes, but most often in c.s.m.a.
    Tim Murray, Sep 3, 2007
  4. Ian Gregory

    Ian Gregory Guest

    December 26th 2006, so not very far. To look further back
    you would presumably have to start pulling stuff off Google
    but I can't see an easy way to do it.
    No problem. I figured it was time to learn a bit more about
    NNTP and it was a useful excercise. I got the info off the
    server using telnet.

    Ian Gregory, Sep 3, 2007
  5. Ian Gregory

    Tim Murray Guest

    Hey, please expand on this!
    Tim Murray, Sep 3, 2007
  6. Ian Gregory

    Ian Gregory Guest

    OK, but briefly:)

    1) Ran "script" to make a typescript of my terminal session

    2) Connected to the server:

    telnet 119

    2) It told me authorisation was required so:

    authinfo simple myusername mypassword

    3) It told me my authentication was accepted and I asked
    for the order of fields in the overview database:

    list overview.fmt

    it responded:

    215 Order of fields in overview database.

    4) Told it which group to look at:

    group comp.sys.mac.system

    and it responded:

    211 39271 779395 819752 comp.sys.mac.system

    That is: response code, estimated number of articles, first article
    number, last article number, group name

    5) I asked for overview data for all articles:

    xover 779395-

    and it returned a line for each article

    6) Quit telnet by typing quit and exited script with Ctrl-D. The
    file called typescript now contained all the data I wanted.


    Oh, and this is where I read about NNTP:
    Ian Gregory, Sep 3, 2007
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