CT-7NJL6 w/ barton 3000+ only running at 1300

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Free Wheeling, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Glad to hear it is looking up. The listed mem timings sound a littl
    slow for 333. What speed is the boot showing for memory
    Are you using auto, SPD, or setting specific
    I've heard many times that AMD's are best run 1:1 with RAM. I have n
    personal experience and perhaps some benchmarking will tell.
    Is not your XP capable of 400 FSB? Some were
    Auto for RAM should match whatever the CPU is running at

    Meanwhile, here is some interesting info on RAM
    It certainly raises new questions for me. It hints that registere
    might be better, so I wonder is this mobo capable
    Also manual says 2.5V, so what about RAM that is listed as 2.6 or 2.
    to 2.8V? AFAIK, there is no adjustment for voltage on the MOBO. Wit
    those that claimed a complete swap except MOBO, maybe this was a
    issue, in that they weren't using approved RAM and the current dra
    was such that voltage drops caused problems. With unapproved RAM
    this MOBO, and a marginal PS it would still be hard to say the MOB
    is at fault. All MOBO's have some voltage drop which depends upon th
    current draw. Too many factors involved to solidly nail without som
    expensive test equipment
    nthums1, Dec 1, 2005
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  2. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    The memory CAS latency is 3; BIOS reports 200 MHz memory frequency

    I have the memory frequency set to auto.

    This is an XP 3000/333 MHz chip. I was initially concerned with
    possible mismatch between the 333MHz Barton and the PC 3200 memory
    but the system is working fine.

    Life intervened; I still have not been able to kick my wide & kid
    off the two PC's long enough to compare BIOS v.1 to BIOS v.2, but
    will get there soon.

    I guess someone will have to experiment with registered RAM; all of m
    sticks are unbuffered

    Guy, Dec 1, 2005
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  3. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Sounds like you are definitely safe on the clocking. If you like t
    tinker, it might be interesting what performance tests say an
    compare to running ram at 333. It is likely you could run at 2.5 CA
    at that speed. Seems strange that auto kicks you to 400 for RAM.
    and others were under the impression that would match ram speed t
    the FSB. I know that is what happens here and SPD pushes it to 400
    even though it is only 266. Weird, huh

    This new info on RAM is stirring questions, and even though some clai
    they are running 3 sticks in dual channel, I have to wonder how clos
    they have checked. I have no way with one stick to know if dua
    channel becomes a bios setting or it is auto the moment slot 1
    3 are filled. Bios might not be trained to roll out of dual channe
    with third stick or at least to say so. And looking at the memor
    management in device manager, it appears the real use takes plac
    because of those associated drivers, but what will windows do under
    the third stick. Many utilities will likely report just what the bio
    says and it might take special effort to find if windows is actuall
    operating in dual channel with three sticks
    Children are a sure fire reason to bullet proof a system. I hear
    Murphy is a first cousin of children
    nthums1, Dec 1, 2005
  4. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    Sounds like you are definitely safe on the clocking. If you like t
    tinker, it might be interesting what performance tests say an
    compare to running ram at 333. It is likely you could run at 2.5 CA
    at that speed. Seems strange that auto kicks you to 400 for RAM.
    and others were under the impression that would match ram speed t
    the FSB. I know that is what happens here and SPD pushes it to 400
    even though it is only 266. Weird, huh
    might take special effort to find if windows is actually operating i
    dual channel with three sticks
    Murphy is a first cousin of children

    I reviewed my BIOS on both systems. This is what the systems ar

    1. 7NJL6/2900 (333), BIOS v1, CPU frequency set to 200MHz; 2x PN
    512MB PC2700, CAS latency 2.5, memory frequency 166MHz. (Note I ha
    previously reported the CAS latency on this system to be 3, I wa
    wrong.) This system is extremely stable

    2. 7NJL6/3000 (333), BIOS v2, CPU frequency set to 166MHz; 2x Vikin
    512MB PC3200, CAS latency 3, memory frequency 200MHz

    -I tried setting the CAS latency to 2.5 by setting memory control t
    auto. It crashed out my system after three reboots. I set it bac
    to 3 and the system booted

    -I will try again to set the CAS to 2.5. I am afraid that if I mes
    around too much I will have to crawl back in and reset CMOS again.
    am still not convinced this configuration is completely stable. (
    have to find a jumper with a convenient handle for this board'

    Guy, Dec 2, 2005
  5. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    a bit curious how you managed to get that 2900 (333) to run FSB400. I
    there some setting available in that v1 bios not present in v2
    Do you have the part number of that cpu

    The obvious thing would be to swap memory in machines so you can ru
    the PC3200 with the 400FSB
    nthums1, Dec 2, 2005
  6. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    The 2900 is overclocked, using the "Aggressive" setting for CPU freq
    vs Optimal. The manual reference is on page 30
    Guy, Dec 2, 2005
  7. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Those settings leave my Sempron at 333. I decided to give it a try a
    400FSB by manually setting. Lowered the percentage on memory bus t
    maintain same speed. I had to reset CMOS after no boot
    Appears there is something unusual about your Barton 333 2900. I wan
    one ;-
    nthums1, Dec 2, 2005
  8. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Bill, it appears you've got your cpu stable and at the correct spee
    using FSB 333. I'd maintain that setting for now, but I mean as t
    speed, not particular settings in the bios. So pay attention as t
    how things change as you attempt to bump up the Memory bus
    You will likely have to set as expert to get adjustment of memor
    frequency. Since auto isn't cutting it, or SPD, I'd bet you got som
    misbadged RAM from ULTRA. Mine appears to be in the opposit
    direction of yours in that the SPD says 400 when in reality a sticke
    on it says 266

    Once you have the expert setting using 166/333 for the cpu, go to th
    memory part and set your memory to a percentage of the FSB. You migh
    start with the percentage that puts you at that 100(200) you ar
    currently running it at. Should work without any hitch. This as
    confidence builder that you are approaching it correctly
    Then go back in and start bumping the percentage to get highe
    standard memory speeds. I say this because I bumped mine to one o
    the odd percentages yielding maybe 186 or something odd. System woul
    not boot.
    Give it some time in windows to see if it is stable. Maybe run som
    Once you hit that unstable point, I'd double check those part number
    on the RAM chips. Do a search and find out what they are reall
    supposed to be. Could be they were pushed too far or maybe the
    weren't up to par and intended to be run slower.
    Also see my link to overclockers in previous post about RAM. Once yo
    hit that unstable point use utilities to try to locate which stic
    might be problem or swap out/rotate sticks so you are running 2 o
    maybe even 1, could be two bad sticks. Goal is to get up to the spee
    it is supposed to be. But also could be current draw issue as pointe
    out in link as I noted you said you were using a 350W PS. If you ca
    find data on sticks or RAM chips try to calculate the total require
    power and check what the PS has available on the 5V line. Other part
    will also draw power, but I have no idea how much. Can only tell yo
    my PS is rated at max 32A on +5V line
    nthums1, Dec 2, 2005
  9. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    I found some of those 2900 Barton's on ebay. Considering buying one
    Had a near major meltdown over the last few days. USB keyboard died
    USB2 hub lost bus-powered mode. System restore wouldn't work
    Something caused rewritting system.ini with garbage
    I was trying different timings of RAM to push it to FSB speed of 333
    Nothing I tried gave good stability

    Did the memory swap per mobo help
    nthums1, Dec 7, 2005
  10. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest


    I did not try the memory swap, yet. Both kids had school projects an
    these two systems were in use practically all weekend. I plan t
    swap the chips this weekend.

    The 2900 chip, with the Nforce2 chipset and PC 2700 memory, provides
    quality platform. This configuration is quite stable with an XF
    GeForce 5200 / 128 MB. I can play Halo and Civ IV on it with minima
    slowdowns, but I was not building a gaming box anyway...

    In retrospect, buying the 2900 as a good decision and I am ver

    I noticed the supply of XP chips is drying up, and the cost increase
    Guy, Dec 7, 2005
  11. Free Wheeling

    bill1005j Guest

    to Nthums especially, and Guy and others on this forum doing battl
    with the CT 7NJL6

    Thanks very much for your help and advice. I will take thi
    opportunity not only to express my appreciation for your posts, bu
    also to give you an update on what's been happening with my system

    My biggest problem during the past few weeks has been NO BOOTs: Syste
    beeps repetitively at power-on. I've tried re-seatings, and swappe
    the three Ultra 400 MHz, 512MB PC3200 sticks numerous times
    alternating between 1, 2, or 3 sticks, at banks 1, 2, and or 3. WHE
    the system does boot, my long standing problem of seeing only 100 MH
    memory frequency reported persists regardless of BIOS setting changes
    (Althought on rare and brief ocassions, it has been reported at 16
    MHz, agreeing with the BIOS setting). I can not replicate this.
    have been too chicken to go into the more aggressive, overclockin
    modes or tinker too much with manual settings

    I have been operating on just one stick now, for the last 2 weeks
    Until about 3-days ago, even this one stick will often fail to boot
    Simply trying a "Restart" will set it into this "No-boot" beepin
    madness. When this occurs, I shut the system down, remove the powe
    cable, and let it sit for a couple hours. Often times this wil
    produce a boot up. Over the weekend, I let the system stay on withou
    shutting down or hybernation. The last two days, I have had n
    problems with reboots or shutdowns!

    The power supply is a new Vantec 350w, and is adequate for the syste
    as configured, I think. (+5v - 30A, +15v - 15A). It runs quiet an

    For some time, I've tended to suspect the Ultra memory sticks - eithe
    because they are not fully compatible with a touchy Chaintech board
    or are themselves sub-par (why did Tigerdirect conduct so man
    heavily rebated sales of the 512 MB 400 MHz PC3200?, at one poin
    offering a stick for $19.99 after rebate?). However, the stick I hav
    in the system that has been running stably the last few days checke
    out OK with MemTest - this was the stick that also caused non-boots
    In the meantime, I've shelled out and gotten a 1 GB stick of Corsai
    PC3200. I will swap it with the Ultra and report on the result
    later. Now I have come to the conclusion that I was just unlucky i
    having received a lemon of a mobo from Chaintech (and no sign of
    rebate after 4-months)

    Besides the non-boot and wrong memory frequency issues, there ar
    plenty of other issues with this mobo that cause me to have n
    confidence in this Chaintech product. I have several other assemble
    and purchased desktops at home, none of which fails to operate wit
    an external USB hard drive but this one. It recognizes the US
    removable drive on the desktop upon connection, but Devic
    Manager/Windows Explorer do not show it. (Flash drives have n
    problems!). I have toyed with the idea of trashing this mobo an
    getting another from a different vendor because I am stuck with th
    AMD XP 3K+, but hate to get myself another Socket A mobo at thi
    stage of the technology

    I will try doing the tweaks with memory and BIOS settings Nthum
    suggested, and check out the use of the new Corsair memory later thi
    week and report back.

    Happy Holidays
    bill1005j, Dec 7, 2005
  12. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    How about the amps available at each voltage
    I ran into that beeping no boot myself. But as I recall it wa
    something involving seating of video card. I had re-pasted the cpu
    north chip, and GPU chip. Apparently there was a little slop as t
    being fully seated as I had it properly inserted. Screw holding car
    down, but it showed up after a few boots and luckily suspected it wa
    something related to disassembly as I'd never seen this before. Neve

    Somewhere I had located a bios beep code chart. And I think the bee
    was actually a string of long and shorts, but they were so fast i
    seemed like one beep

    Is your board mounted so there are no shorts? I saw in one forum
    question relating to the case I have about the brass standoffs
    Someone responded to install them. WRONG! Case has built in standar
    standoffs, which should be enough for most boards. Only time fo
    standoffs would be if the MOBO required extra mounting points, and i
    all cases one should check to make sure every screw hole lines up wit
    mounting point.

    You might try working, disconnect and re-connect, every connector
    few times to ensure any oxidation is disturbed from point of contact
    I had a problem in this area and showed up as clacking HDD. I put
    light coat of silicone grease on every pin so no oxidation coul
    reform and no more related issues to power distribution.

    Sometimes this seems like a computer from hell, but every issue i
    something that could have happened with another mobo so I wish yo
    luck. My ultra RAM sucks as well as SPD says 400, but will only ru
    at 266 and found sticker on it to that effect. Maybe you have simila
    only SPD reporting much slower. Only way around was expert at 80% o
    FSB. I tried some other settings with speed bumped to match cpu o
    333 FSB, but didn't seem I was getting stability. Errors and crashe
    so I set back, but still had trouble to find my USB keyboard died
    Also hub won't work on bus power. And mouse has been PIA because i
    often double clicks with single click. Verified on other systems
    Hope to get them replaced soon as I miss my ergo board. Also goin
    from 5 button to 3 button mouse that won't work in safe mode
    nthums1, Dec 8, 2005
  13. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Hi Guy
    Definitely correct on some chips disappearing, in fact all faste
    socket A. Only 3K & 3.2K Mhz processors had 400 FSB per AMD
    These 2900 are some oddity, but if they work at that speed, a coupl
    of hundred MHz won't be missed much
    That is why I was wondering if you swapped that RAM and found out i
    it was stable with RAM running at FSB of 400. It would be
    confidence booster and I'd definitely try one of these 2900 Barton
    at the price is $85 plus shipping. Way cheaper than the insane price
    on the 3200. I've seen used being bid into the $135-$175 range an
    some "as is". New are over $200
    If it works out, that processor and some dual channel would max ou
    capabilities as far as what socket A has available. Plenty of slot
    left to try other stuff, so only short coming for some time would b
    SATA300, Firewire2, and Gigabit lan. Jumping into 64 bit with PCI-
    seems cost prohibitive at this point because that means buyin
    everything new, except ram
    nthums1, Dec 8, 2005
  14. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    I agree with the cost assessment. back in September, Uddarts referre
    me to the 754 Sempron chips. Before I shell out for a Socket A 3200
    I would strongly consider upgrading to a 754 system. I thought th
    Sempron was just a Celeron-type version of the Athlon 64, but afte
    reading several reviews it seems to be a resaonable step up fro
    Socket A, despite the need for a new board. Of course, we alread
    see the end of the line for 754 as well...

    I am taking Friday off, so if possible I will swap chips and send yo
    the assessment
    Guy, Dec 8, 2005
  15. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    nthums1, Dec 8, 2005
  16. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    I really haven't caught on to what the advantages of 754 are. It seem
    maybe that dual channel is capable without having to have the matche
    sticks? And faster bus speeds for RAM? Does that sound right? Fill m
    in if you have time. I hadn't heard that 754 was coming to an end, bu
    something about that 939 socket coming to an end. There seems to be
    maximum processor speed they are bumping up against and hence th
    dual core processors. And AMD intends to be releasing a quad in th
    near future as the next step up and think that is where the 939 i
    supposed to disappear
    Definitely getting hard to plan the building of a system and maybe op
    for a few less pricier parts hoping to upgrade as prices fall. That i
    where I got caught with the Sempron thinking an AthlonXP down the roa
    as price drops. Only I got surprised. Just checked pricewatch.com
    Only four vendors left selling the 3200 socket A. Prices start a

    The 2900 I mentioned, this guy has like 90 of them. They had bee
    posted for 4 days and only 4 buyers. I think I'm going to jump so
    have time to test and get another if I get a bad one before he sell
    out. Pretty darned sure he will

    Please send me what you see as advantages of 754 & 939. Wha
    little I knew, it seemed like the 939 might be better and there are
    few mobos that have the PCI-e with those cpu's. Although most mob
    vendors are now pushing the Sempron with Socket A, and it looks lik
    that cpu will be the alternative as 754 & 939 processors dry up
    it might be wise to rethink the part priority. In the past, it wa
    buy the mobo and then upgrade cpu and ram, video, etc. I would gues
    that there is going to be a surplus of some top notch mobo's becaus
    of the shortage of Athlons. In other words, buy as much processor a
    you can afford and then work your way up the mobo ladder
    Unfortunately it will probably put a number of MOBO manufacturer
    under as they get stuck with these surpluses

    I've been watching the prices on HDD's and the sudden upturn tells m
    the glut of PATA drives is near an end. Sadly I've seen no real pric
    cuts on SATA. Circuit city doesn't even stock any yet. I'm not sold o
    the bios thing. I think I mentioned I tried one from ebios and saw n
    improvements. They claimed I needed xp to really see the advantage
    so maybe after I go to xp, I'll try again. (30 day love or leave) n
    reinstall, except audio drivers
    nthums1, Dec 8, 2005
  17. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    I do not believe a socket A Sempron is equivalent to any Athlon X
    chip. Since the supply of Athlons is exhausted, Socket A is the ne
    budget competition for the Celeron, and the socket 754 becomes the d
    facto mid-range architecture for hobbyists and manufacturers. I canno
    speak details on the 754's advantages and disadvantages, but my gu
    tells me it was an incremental improvement on the 462 to accommodat
    the 64-bit architecture and reach that magic number (3.0 GHz). Th
    PCI-E and PCI-Express changes help to dramatically increase the 754'
    capabilities over the 462, but the memory architecture is almos
    unchanged from socket A. AMD is marketing 754 Semprons that are NO
    equivalent to a Celeron, but instead compete with mid range Pentium
    a full GHz higher.

    Unless AMD finds a few million Athlons somewhere, the current stock o
    socket A boards, equipped with Sempron 2500s are suitable for smal
    businesses, granma's email box and firewalls, and those of us wh
    just like building them. 754 is the ubiquitous AMD standard
    competing with stock Pentiums, while the 939's compete with the EE'
    for high-end business.

    This last few years has been pretty Darwinian; at least as bad as th
    transition from 286 to 486. I have not followed the various socke
    iterations, except to know that both AMD and Intel were trying t
    keep up with the supposed expectations of Moore's Law -- to doubl
    processor speed every two years. (That is not really what Moore's La
    states, but when is the public perception of anything ever right?

    I think that both mfrs have finally run into a hard, inviolate, law o
    physics, and that is how small a silicon pipe can be before th
    electrons stop moving freely

    If I had to guess, I would bet that in five years, we will see massiv
    multicore chips for the home PC market. I imagine there are mechanica
    engineers at AMD and Intel right now figuring out how to develop
    vertical-core CPU with 4 - 16 cores and heatpipes interlaced fo

    But for the present, I viewed the 754 and 775 as interim steps. I
    shocks me to hear that AMD may abondon 939, and I expected somethin
    beyond 775 from Intel. To me, this implies two radically differen
    strategic thrusts -- Intel to max out the 775, and AMD to come u
    with yet another socket optimized for multi-core architecture. IMHO
    abandoning 939 in the mid-term is a mistake for AMD, but it implie
    that their engineers are gaining confidence and that they plan to se
    the standard for the next architecture, instead of reverse-engineerin
    another Intel design.

    I think both companies stay with 64-bit architectures through 2015 an
    rely on multiple cores to carry the fight
    Guy, Dec 9, 2005
  18. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    I have to wonder how pressing it will be to upgrade to 64 bit .
    haven't heard anything about xp-64 bit yet, as to is it worth it

    If I had to bet, I'd say the road block to going beyond 64 bit is OS
    and software. As you pointed out multi-cores could get large and I'
    sure they could easily parallell several of those cores to accomplis
    128 bit or something similar to the 128 bit memory channel

    I saw a show where they have made processors in the lab working o
    photons. Why they haven't made the jump to production is a mystery
    Likely cost for one. They'd certainly use less power and dissapat
    less heat

    These rapid changes, such as dead ending so many sockets, will have t
    put a strain on parts of the industry. And of concern will it caus
    some loss of market share. I recently heard AMD may have surpasse
    Intel, and brings some sense as to why there isn't a tremendous pric
    difference anymore
    Backward engineer? I can't point to any specific stories of AMD doin
    this although there is one about Compaq and how it came into being
    Darwinian, with a healthy dose of natural selection. When AMD starte
    with the technological change allowing rating and true speed, Inte
    probably fell off their chairs laughing when they first heard of it
    Laughing probably ceased quickly and they stupidly pushed foward wit
    RDRAM. AMD not wanting to pay exhorbitant prices for it and th
    technology and that many RAM manufacturers were left out, they joine
    forces and came up with DDR. Intel certainly came to that late. An
    I'd bet that was the problem with one series of Nvidia cards. I sa
    an interview with owner, he admitted they had memory problems and ha
    jumped ahead of technological capabilites. To get the product out th
    door it sounded like they had to slow the GPU so the memory desig
    could keep up and were abandoning that design in the next serie
    release. This was at a time when Nvidia was in bed with MS, Intel
    This strongly suggests that architecture was similar to RDRAM.
    Nvidia since jumped from that ship and ATI is back on, which is wher
    it was when Nvidia took the lead. And may have taken the lead again
    This pattern seems to suggest a fundamental problem with tha
    relationship of partnering. Now it is true that AMD has had tha
    relationship with MS but I bet they did it in a limited way, just t
    ensure their processors were able to work with MS code
    A short time ago, I thought DDR was the next to die on th
    evolutionary plan, to be replaced with DDR2. But the last time
    checked, a few weeks ago, only Intel platforms use it. I wish I kne
    more about the differences, is it really better or was this some wa
    for Intel getting around paying fees to the developers of DDR, whic
    includes AMD. And are they hoping they reap profits from AMD wit
    DDR2 technology
    BTW, it should be interesting to see how much cache will be availabl
    with these multicore's. Overcoming heat problems, we might see 32M o
    cache in the next few years, which seems wild when thinking of ho
    much RAM was considered necessary to run W95, first 32bit. Of cours
    we could go way back before that. I still have a machine layin
    around here that was considered a Lamborghini in its day. Ver
    impressive was it's boot time, it didn't use a hard drive and it's O
    booted from RAM. A whopping 384K if I remember correctly
    Unfortunately, it didn't get the added RAM which would make i
    capable of running Wordperfect DOS

    Back on track for this MOBO, I got a couple of blue screens las
    night. Pretty sure it is software issue and I'm off to see what I ca
    nthums1, Dec 9, 2005
  19. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest


    I did the memory swap; I took the PNY 7ns PC2700 RAM (2X512) out of
    the 2900 system and swapped it for the Viking 8ns PC 3200 RAM (2X512)
    in the 3000/333 system.

    It worked, but the performance drop on my 3000 was enough that I
    swapped them back.

    I retained a CAS latency of 2.5 on the overclocked 2900 (CPU frequency
    overclocked to 200), but the 3000 system still would not stabilize
    with CL 2.5, so I had to leave it at 3.
    Guy, Dec 10, 2005
  20. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Hi Guy, thanks for trying
    Dang system lost video sync again as I was finishing a very length
    reply on this subject. Monitor goes black with square and erro
    showing Vertical out of range at 249Hz. Since frequency also jump
    around after hibernate but not this high, have to wonder is it car
    or OS. Need to update drivers for start

    It not working out seems really weird and unexpected. I have to ask i
    you went into the bios after the swap and tried auto or spd setting
    and noted the timings produced. On the later bios, it still display
    the timings but in a shade indicating they are not individuall
    adjustable until you go into expert mode

    It seems unreasonable that the PC2700 running at 333 CAS 2.5 which yo
    had on FSB400 would not function as well when moved to a FSB333
    BTW, from what I've read that 2900 is actually a 400FSB, no
    overclocked, so maybe something with the bios that it doesn'
    automatically properly detect or the way it was derated from th
    original 3200 it was making it hard for the bios to determine what i
    The only thing that makes sense with it not working is what other
    were saying about taking a performance hit when not running FSB an
    RAM bus at 1:1. Sort of like what I was told is called 'slack' whe
    trying to run a USB2 PCI add-in vs onboard controller. I was tol
    over at the USB-IF (implementers forum) that timing difference
    between the controller and PCI bus introduce extra wait states t
    stay in sync. So, when you have that ram set at 333 on the 400FS
    system, despite your settings, the cpu is negotiating(creating) wai
    states by trying to stay synced. That would be plausible when other
    are saying you take a performance hit if running the RAM faster tha
    the FSB. Their statement isn't very clear, that is do you stil
    actually see a slight boost running it 400 vs 333 on a 333 FSB, jus
    not the expected percentage, or does it actually slow down

    Again sorry to hear it did not make you or your XP3000 happy
    Logically, it would have seemed that the overall throughput of syste
    A + B synced with RAM would have been greater than XP2900(400FSB)
    XP3000(333FSB) unsynced to RAM
    nthums1, Dec 11, 2005
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