CT-7NJL6 w/ barton 3000+ only running at 1300

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Free Wheeling, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Not related to this mobo, but just for info
    Guy, you mentioned interest in 754 and I as well relating to AMD64 an
    also socket 939. I had observed that only Intel is using DDR2. I als
    have been interested in PCI-e as possibly the future. I did som
    searching and despite the myriad of boards with PCI-e listed a
    pricewatch, few AMD mobos have them and only those with NForce
    chipset. Maybe, when the newer AMD cpu's with the new sockets sho
    up, more mobo's will have the PCI-e. And then maybe not. It woul
    appear that DDR2 is Intel's answer to the RDRAM mistake and no
    having to pay fees to the AMD conglomeration that came up with DDR
    And maybe the reverse is true of PCI-e and AMD will come up with it'
    own bussing, in cooperation with card makers, to avoid paying Intel
    Could be some drastic changes in near future with AMD putting memor
    controller on processor, normally a function of chipset
    And Nvidia, normally GPU people, combining this with their NForc
    chipsets which can come with lots of integrated functions, includin
    high end audio
    Somewhere in the future, we might see a Nvidia/AMD type merger puttin
    everything into one chip

    "Hello HAL" (Space Odyssey 2001
    nthums1, Dec 11, 2005
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  2. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest

    I left the memory settiings on auto, ostensibly to detect the mos
    efficient numbers for the RAM. The chips ran fine, but there was
    slight decrease in overall system speed. I may investigate furthe
    and play with the settings.

    About the 2900 chip: I had to manually increase CPU frequency in BIO
    (v.1). As shipped, the board set the 2900 CPU at 133 MHz and th
    resulting CPU speed was around 1.3 GHz. So, what you read seem
    Guy, Dec 11, 2005
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  3. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    I noted that chip is not listed in the manual
    Have you dropped Chaintech a line concerning that? There suppor
    usually gives an answer in a couple of days
    I've noted you kept mentioning overclocked. Are you actually runnin
    the 2900 at 3200
    Since you likely got it from Tiger, I'd be inclined to say ask them
    I've never seen any company thriving that was such a PIA to dea

    The manual lists the 3200 Barton, who's core voltage is at or lowe
    than most slower chips. Have you ever noted a temp issue? Highe
    voltage, more heat. But no specs as to current draw. Likely woul
    have to get from AMD, but I'd bet the draw is higher than for othe
    chips. Of note would be the figures for 3200 (400FSB) compared to th
    3000 (333FSB). Might also be a difference in voltage/current draw fo
    your RAM sets, and in what should be the maxed/matched performance
    you end up tipping the scale, but that won't fit if the problem i
    with the slower.
    I have to ask which utility you are using to measure performance? Man
    of them no longer work with 9x OS. It might be interesting to ru
    speedfan simultaneously to see how temps end up. It is the only on
    I've found to monitor temps, two sensors, one of them probably o

    Another possibility that comes to mind of performance, is the nort
    chip and loaded memory controllers. On this mobo, it looked like th
    heat sink had been disturbed after the paste dried, causing voids an
    air pockets. I have no idea if certain data related to memor
    controllers, such as RAM speed or config ends up stored in registr
    or other file. If such factors are important to the drivers, it i
    possible that might be stored to speed loading of OS

    I do wish Chaintech had given a detailed change of bios. Seems ther
    must be some major change to require reloading OS? Way beyond jus
    detecting Sempron chips. That would seem rather simplistic, to hav
    the bios interegate the cpu for recognition, and then just continu
    with loading. There has to be something else such as how othe
    functions interact with each other, even if in the same chip(north o
    It couldn't be something as simple as the OS reporting the correct cp
    in the device manager, could it? I will browse through the OEMx.in
    files to see if there is a clue

    nthums1, Dec 12, 2005
  4. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest


    I have the 2900 running at 1.99 GHz, with the FSB set at 200 MHz.

    I have not contacted Chaintech; after a lengthy search of online AM
    resources (including discussions in this forum around Feb-Mar 05), w
    as users concluded that the 2900 was an OEM chip, that probably di
    not meet the 3000 specs and was mass-sold accordingly. I foun
    samples at TigerDirect and ComputerGeeks.com. I do not think it wa
    ever designed as a 2900, just came out that way....

    I use Speedfan to monitor. It reports the CPU and chipset both in th
    low/mid 20's C on both systems. By contrast, my P4/1300 system run
    in the 40's C. Also, it was Speedfan that alerted me that my XP 170
    was running hot (over 50 C; after a thorough cleaning I got it dow
    into the mid 30s).

    I tried to use Motherboard Monitor to track temps and voltages, but i
    does not yet cover this board, and I do not know if it will anytim

    I concur on the limited BIOS information. Everything about this syste
    is sketchy
    Guy, Dec 12, 2005
  5. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    Someething like my UltraCrap RAM. They should have at least reburned
    the SPD so it would detect properly.

    Knowing the 1.99 @ 200/400 FSB should show in some table as to what it
    really matches, 3K or 3.2K, unless they changed the multiplier or
    something. Looking at other Barton 400FSB, that would mean they had
    to set it at 10.25 when all others used increments of .5.

    your temps must be idle. I've got a little load. Running antivirus and
    foobar (streaming Alice Cooper's DJ show at 160KBS) and mine jump to
    ~35 & 45 C on this Sempron 2800. Wish I knew where that first
    sensor is located. Certain the second is on cpu. That runs a little
    lower since repasting as it used to get close to 50 C.

    MBM wouldn't work for me either. So not a bios thing, maybe.

    Seems lots of hardware is coming with minimum documentation and
    getting worse all the time.

    I wonder, do they crank up the retail or the OEM line first with
    I seem to recall some 3200's /400 available in retail, but long gone.
    nthums1, Dec 12, 2005
  6. Free Wheeling

    Guy Guest


    Welcome back, and WILCO.

    The only reason I do not try that right now on my XP 3000 system i
    the difficulty reaching the CMOS jumper (This baby is touchy).
    will test these settings this weekend

    Guy, Dec 14, 2005
  7. Free Wheeling

    nthums1 Guest

    I don't believe that method of getting speed, overclocking the RA
    will work for me as it would mean running the cpu much slower and
    would actually lose in the long run. RAM refuses stability at 166

    I did question Chaintech on the RAM issue. My letter covered man
    facets including whether the voltage adjusted maybe via the bios a
    the speed or timing was changed. How much current was available a
    upper limit and how critical the voltage requirement was i
    relationship to different RAM I'd seen available with their poste
    voltage specs. How well the voltage was regulated, such as would th
    regulator hold beyond the point other hardware using the +5V lin
    would likely fail first
    The answer looks like it came from the Asian office and is ove
    simplified and questionable as to accuracy since it disagrees wit
    the manul. Here it is, and I've requested more info

    Dear Sir
    Because the 7NJL6 just provides 2.7V working voltage to Memory part s
    please uses the suitable Memory module as the PC3200 on it
    Thank you very much

    Best regards
    ChainTech Technical Suppor
    nthums1, Dec 23, 2005
  8. Free Wheeling

    uddarts Guest

    i’ve been hovering. :D

    i’ll put together a few suggestions for you. it’s getting a little
    late. i think we can avoid most of the clearing of the bios.

    uddarts, Dec 30, 2005
  9. Free Wheeling

    uddarts Guest

    i’ve just fired up my 7nif4 with a xp2600(11.5x166=1909). i raised the
    fsb to 180/180 which gives me 2076. i’m running prime95 at the moment.
    i had it much higher but it wouldn’t run prime95 for long. i’m at
    stock voltage. superpi at stock is 55sec and at the oc it runs 50sec.

    my suggestions are:

    run superpi to get a benchmark to compare.


    run it with your current settings and the stock setting 166/166(100%)

    then at stock bios setting of 166/166 cpu aggressive run this:


    with it up the fsb a few at a time or the program will lock up. the
    higher you go you can run superpi to see improvements. like i said
    above you’ll be able to go higher than stable with this program.

    once you find a prime stable fsb you should be able to set the bios to
    that number and you’ll be good to go. at that point you can play
    around with timings.


    at some point i plan on doing a pin mod and raise the vcore to 1.85
    and see how high i can go.

    uddarts, Dec 30, 2005
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