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Currently Have AIW Radeon (Pre-7500); worth Upgrading to AIW 9600 Pro?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Hammer Toe, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Hammer Toe

    Hammer Toe Guest

    I currently own one of the very original AIW Radeons and am
    considering upgrading to an AIW 9600 Pro.

    Some of my objectives:

    1. Comes with/I get a Remote Control.

    2. Better Interface (EasyLook; tho I THINK this might work with my
    current card if I do/can? upgrade to MMC 8.5+).

    3. FM Tuner/Recording Capability.

    But perhaps the BIGGEST attraction (assuming it 'works'/is worth it)
    is the pottential for better output when routing the cards output to a
    large screen/projection TV.

    I have a 61" HD Capable TV right next to the PC this card would be
    going into.

    My current AIW is limited to running at and 'driving' my TV at a max
    res. of 800x600.

    It is my understanding and HOPE (if I recall correctly) that

    1) the AIW 9600 Pro can drive (such a TV) at 1024x768. (I seem to
    recall reading this somewhere).

    a) Is this true?

    b) If true, via what INPUTS? (Composite; S-VIDEO *OR* must I use the
    HD inputs of the set?

    2) The AIW 9600 can drive the HD set at 'HD' levels (ie. 1080i). Now
    THIS I would (obviously) assume requires the use of the HD inputs on
    the set.

    Bottom line:

    It's not clear to me exactly what HD (and non-HD) TV display res
    levels are via

    a) the TV sets non-HD inputs and

    b) the sets HD inputs.

    Can anyone clarify this?

    Also, anybody out there DOING what I'm proposing to do (drive a large
    HD capable set in some form or other to res levels OVER 800x600 and,
    if so, how SATISFYING is the result (compared to 800x600).

    Is it worth doing (in your opinion)?

    Would you do it again?

    Overall, are you satisfied with your 9600 AIW?

    Hammer Toe, Nov 8, 2003
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