CUV4X-E won't boot with ATI Radeon 9200

Discussion in 'Asus' started by InfoSeeker, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. InfoSeeker

    InfoSeeker Guest


    Can someone help me?

    I replaced my Matrox G450 AGP card with ATI Radeon 9200 AGP card.

    Installed it and it will not boot - not 100% read on. It gave POST
    Beeps and the manual says it can't find the video card or bad video

    The card works on a P4P800 board and hence is not a faulty unit.

    When I could get CUV4X to boot up without the post beeps, I could
    configure XP correctly. But when I restarted it, the POST BEEP came

    In one instance, BSOD while in XP.

    In a number of occasions, I managed to boot up without the post beep
    but when I restarted the machine without touching or changing
    anything, it gives out the POST Beeps and fails to boot up.

    Any idea?

    InfoSeeker, Jul 7, 2004
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  2. InfoSeeker

    Paul Guest

    Set AGP to 2X in the BIOS ? I don't see a Fast Write setting in
    the BIOS, but if it had one of those, disable it as well.

    You could also try installing a later Via 4in1 driver. I don't
    know if support for old hardware stopped at a particular release
    or not. The web site has Via's official drivers.

    With some of these boards, a stable combo of video card and
    motherboard is worth more than a super-fast, crashing, new
    video card.

    With the ATI Catalyst driver, the ones I've used, ignore the
    AGP setting in the BIOS. When you set the AGP to 2X in the BIOS,
    the idea is, the problems at POST should stop. But, when you
    get into Windows, you'll have to find the SmartGART tab in the
    control panel, and set AGP to 2X in there as well. Otherwise,
    SmartGART runs the hardware as fast as the hardware will allow,
    and the results are not always stable. Unlike the name, it
    isn't very smart - it should honor the BIOS setting.

    Also, you have to try different Catalyst drivers. For example,
    the ATI9800pro I've got, crashed with the drivers off the driver
    CD that came with the product. Downloading new Catalyst drivers
    from the ATI site fixed everything up for me.

    If it was me, I'd try AGP set to 2X, and if the situation in
    POST doesn't change, I don't think I'd waste my time playing
    the driver game, because the hardware combo is probably doomed.

    Paul, Jul 7, 2004
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  3. InfoSeeker

    InfoSeeker Guest

    Well I have to get it to boot up reliably first before worrying about
    this one. But I will keep that in mind.
    True. But Matrox G450 does not have Direct3D and that Lord of the Ring
    only works on ATI or GeForce cards. Hence the upgrade.

    The one in my P4P800 works nicely.
    I will give this a try but I am not too sure if this will work. I have
    read somewhere where someone claimed 4X on this board is a bit dodgy.

    It was set on 1X initially but then again the Radeon is only
    compatible with 2/4/8X and hence this may have a chance and I have not
    tried that.
    Will keep that in mind once I can get it to fire up.
    Thanks for the advice.
    InfoSeeker, Jul 8, 2004
  4. Would appreciate to hear how things go further as I was planning the
    same move for the same reason. Several newer games won't work with the
    Matrox card.
    Arwin Vosselman, Jul 11, 2004
  5. InfoSeeker

    Art Simpson Guest

    Paul wrote in message ...
    I don't see how he can do that without a video card...
    Or hassle with former card, then new than formwe to check twice..
    Makes no sense.

    IMHO, the only solution is plain simple CLEAR THE CMOS and reboot.
    There is no reason for the CUVX not to recognize a working video card.

    I've got a P4P800EDelux with this card; Radeon 9800Pro.
    I've used the Catalyst from the CD and never had a glitch.
    Even my FSB is overclocked.
    AGP 8x enabled; Apperture 64MB, Fastwrite ON so on an so forth.
    Runned Unreal Tourney 4, and a number of 3D games and demos,
    extensively. Bliss.
    Do I care for new drivers ?.. Not; Unless community acknowledge a
    serious performance boost, or necessary fix or welcomed feature.
    Same with BIOS same with everything.
    Every Video card must support VGA BIOS. Nothing is doomed.
    I own a CUV4X board too, and it's still fullfulling its purpose.

    Art Simpson, Jul 13, 2004
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