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D2D Backup Server Recommendations Requested Please (Entry level)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Michelle, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Michelle

    Michelle Guest


    I currently have a Win2K file server which contains:

    (2) 80GB 7200/EIDE RAID 1 Mirror (Total working data 80GB)

    I'm thinking of building a new box for the file server which contains:

    (1) GB Ethernet
    (6) 74GB 10,000/SATA RAID 1 Mirror (Total working data 222GB)

    I'm also building a target backup server for this new file server
    which will contain 1 tape drive and the following to perform disk to
    disk backup:

    (1) GB Ethernet
    (4) 250GB 7200/SATA RAID 1 Mirror (Total Backup Capacity 500GB)

    I'm trying to build a file server/backup system that would be able to
    multiple streams of data to allow for the fastest backup. There are
    small files to be backed up. My personal preference is RAID 1. Since
    none of my file server partitions are larger then 74GB I'm not worried
    that a backup will be larger then any of my backup server partitions.

    My question is, how do I build theses systems to get the fastest
    backup possible? Should I install multiple GB nics? Is there an array
    controller that is specifically designed to handle mutliple streams of
    data? I'm aware that the Disk I/O is usually the cause of the
    bottleneck during backup. Will moving both server and backup system to
    RAID 5 significantly increase speeds of backup? Can someone make some
    recommendations in terms of hardware/software.
    I'm aware that the OS can also increase file system overhead so I'm
    to try out Veritas Backup Exec (although quite frankly I've always
    been a fan
    of Xcopy).

    My current tests show me that I copy approximately 1.09GB of data in
    approximately 4:18 seconds with Backup Exec/verify on over a Gigabit
    connection to 7200 IDE drive. Backup Exec says that is a transfer rate
    of 435MB/second. Is there away to increase the speed of this to say
    Thanks in advanced for sharing any advice or experience you may have!

    Michelle, Aug 31, 2004
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