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D3 timedemo on gf4 4200 64mb and a 128mb

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Jelle, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Jelle

    Jelle Guest

    My p4 2.53/1024mb ddr333 has a 64mb, and i got a 128mb for a little while so
    i tested it to see how much te memory makes a difference (in this game it
    should). Drivers 45.23, clocks 285gpu on both, memory 584 on 64mb version,
    550 on 128mb.

    800/medium: 27.5 for 64mb and 27.6 for 128mb
    800/high both unplayable and little difference 13.6 (64)and 13.8 (128)
    1024/medium almost unplayable and no difference 19.6 for both.
    1024/high 9.1 for both

    Strange, especially on that high settings. Tested no others, cause better
    settings are even more unplayable.I am sure that 128mb is better, but in
    this game you would notice the difference maybe in 1280 plus 4xAA which is
    unplayable either way.

    I finished D3 playing on the 64mb card in medium/800 and had a nice game,
    thumbs up to iDsoftware for making us able to play this.And those 4x00's
    aren't just dead yet, even if it's 64mb.
    Jelle, Aug 27, 2004
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