D800 GeForce Go6560, poor video performance?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by terracnosaur, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. terracnosaur

    terracnosaur Guest

    Help needed,

    I have attempted to use several nvidia driver versions and the dell
    nvidoa driver to no avail. I get poor Direct X and Open GL performance.
    I have tried playing games and running screen savers only to have my
    laptop go into overdrive like the GPU is not handeling any of the work.

    10 FPS in doom 3 @ 640x480 low everything
    30 FPS in Ride of Nations @ 1600x1200 high everything

    I would love to run other tests, but I don't have any other games. I am
    downloading the SiSoft sandra and 3dMark now to test with and I will
    post those numbers when I have them.

    specs for reference.
    2Ghz Pentuim M
    1024mb RAM
    60Gb 7200 RPM drive
    128Mb FeForce Go5650
    WUXGA screen (1920x1200)
    802.11 a/b/g

    Thanks all,
    terracnosaur, Jan 4, 2005
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  2. terracnosaur

    v Guest

    plug it into the power outlet?
    v, Jan 4, 2005
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  3. terracnosaur

    terracnosaur Guest

    It is...
    terracnosaur, Jan 4, 2005
  4. terracnosaur

    BigJIm Guest

    To run doom at high speed you need a high end video card like a nvidia 6800
    to get the best performance. It is a very demanding game.
    BigJIm, Jan 4, 2005
  5. terracnosaur

    terracnosaur Guest

    I understand this. But isn't a 128MB GeForce Go5650 at least capable of
    running more than 10 FPS at the lowest settings (on a 2Ghz machine P/M
    machine). Seems to me like this is a driver issue and I would like to
    know if anyone knows which version of nvidias driver acheives highest

    and please, no one say "the newest one" because thats not always true.
    terracnosaur, Jan 4, 2005
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