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D850GB P13 BIOS Can't select to boot from ADAPTEC 2410sa SATA RAID controller seen as SCSI

Discussion in 'Intel' started by S, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. S

    S Guest

    I've installed an Adaptec SATA 2410sa controller. It is a SATA RAID
    (hardware) controller that presents itself as a SCSI controller to the
    computer. The controller has BIOS enabled for booting.

    From the computer BIOS I see no way to boot from this controller... it can
    only boot from the IDE drive connected to the motherboard IDE controller.
    The BIOS drop down list box has no SCSI choice showing.

    After booting from the IDE drive with Windows XP I can see the new
    controller and it's drive correctly and use it as an additional drive but I
    can't set the BIOS to boot from it... I need to BOOT from the drive on that
    new controller.

    Intel won't support me because it's a Gateway computer, Gateway won't
    support me because they don't sell the Adaptec 2410sa, Adaptec won't support
    me because they say it's a BIOS issue with the motherboard maker... What a
    stupid way to help your customers!!

    Anyone with a solution? What can the problem be, really???

    System information:
    Board model Genuine Intel(R) D850GB system board
    OS version Windows* XP version 5.1 Service Pack 1 build 2600
    OS memory 523,564 KB RAM
    Physical memory 512 MB RAM
    Memory speed PC800
    Memory type Other, RAMBUS
    Form factor RIMM
    BIOS date 08/20/2001
    BIOS size 512 KB
    BIOS version P13 (GB85010A.15A.0046.P13.0108201551) (latest available
    from Gateway for this computer, XL-700)

    S, Mar 8, 2004
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