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Data Recovery Utility that WORKS!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by HaHaHoHoHeeHee, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. I had a perfectly good (tested) drive that I sent along with a now
    equally screwed up system to a moron tech who f*u*ked up the
    drives logical tables somehow. A 3 gig WD.

    Now installed as secondary on a win98 machine, I have tried
    PCIfilerecovery, Drive Rescue and GDB. First two freeze, GDB,
    reports many err 10-cannot read LBA; sector i/o errors. Most files
    on drive are accessible via Explorer but many give "cannot read
    from device errors". The drive spins normally and makes no noise.
    Scan disk goes into what looks like a continuous loop going from
    85% to 95% and reporting "finding crosslinked clusters"-ran it for
    10 minutes and would not complete.

    Is there a program that will get the files off this drive that are
    not accessible? I have Spinrite 5, but reports are that it also
    takes like 10-24 hours to finish as GDB reports (it cannot make up
    it's mind how long I have to wait to see if this "highly
    acclaimed" program will work).

    This drive tested perfect before this moron tech got his hands on
    it, and I believe the sector errors are logical errors not
    physical problems with the drive. Some have suggested I image the
    drive. Is there a freeware app that will do this and work around
    the sector or other errors?

    Any real help most appreciated. Thank you.
    HaHaHoHoHeeHee, Jun 25, 2005
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