DDR2 800 memory I could run @ 1066

Discussion in 'Asus' started by homie.bongo, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. homie.bongo

    homie.bongo Guest

    I am not sure what RAM would fit well to P5K-V mobo (G33 chipset, 1066
    FSB for Q6600). I want to buy 2 DDR2 memory modules of 1 or 2 GB that
    would run at same freq as FSB.

    These are some modules I am considering:
    Kingston HyperX
    DDR2 2x1GB, 1066MHz, (5-5-5-15) 2100 czk
    DDR2 2x1GB, 800MHz, (4-4-4-12) 1500 czk
    DDR2 2x1GB, 800MHz, (5-5-5-15) Nvidia-SLI Ready 1500 czk
    DDR2 2x2GB, 800MHz, (CL5) ValueRAM 2900 czk

    I don't know which of them could run at 1066 or maybe more (the native
    1066 should, of course). Could you recommend any of these? I list also
    prices in CZK (Czech Koruna) so that you can compare them based on the
    ratio. Any advice on what is the best to go with for the purpose
    considering also the price?
    homie.bongo, Feb 5, 2008
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  2. homie.bongo

    Arno Wagner Guest

    No DDR2-800 memory will run properly at 1066MHZ speed. You might get
    lucky and be able to boot with some, but typically memory corruption
    will be so bad that even booting should fail. In addition you will likely
    have to reprogramm the on-module EEPROM to make your BIOS even try
    to run the modules grossly out of spec.

    Arno Wagner, Feb 5, 2008
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  3. homie.bongo

    JSPipe Guest

    Is this useful?


    JSPipe, Feb 6, 2008
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