Dead Bestec power supply in Compaq Presario SR2037X

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Postman Delivers, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. After removing the Bestec ATX-250-12z Rev D2R (HP P/N: *5188-2622*)and
    replacing it with a Antec 350 the system boots. Unfortunately I have no
    working PS2 Keyboard or Mouse. Hangs at the Compaq screen for just over
    20 seconds.

    I have changed the non working input devices for usb 2.0 units and now
    have mouse and keyboard and can boot with a Live Linux cd, but trying to
    boot winXP I am getting the could not start Ntoskrnl.exe file is missing
    or corrupt error.

    Looking about with my friend Google Search I find this website...

    Since I have no mouse or keyboard with USB in a windows boot could not
    use the WnXP CD boot to extract the file to system32...

    I have copied the file from a working windows, and then added it using
    Kdiskfree mounting the NTFS drive... But still show as a missing file,
    and I can not get into the Bios (no working keyboard), to determine if I
    could turn off the PS2 ports, to get passed the over voltage PS2 errors.

    Next step, will a PCI USB card with the keyboard and mouse work for
    entering Bios? Think Not... But am not certain...

    Am at a bit confused on the next Windows step to try, might there be a
    suggestion, I have already looked on ebay, and there are no similar
    motherboards for less than $80 including shipping.

    Guess I will install a Mepis 8 Linux operating system, since it boots
    with the USB devices, after noting there is a over voltage problem with
    ports 7 & 8... I am not certain how long this system will last or if
    this is the first step in a total motherboard failure...

    I am going to switch hard drives and do a Linux installation and see if
    it will survive for a bit... this is a speedy Linux system, except for
    the initial logo screen hanging half a minute...

    If someone has a workable Windows suggestion, that way i still have
    original the WinXP hard drive for future boot attempts.

    Postman Delivers, Apr 26, 2010
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  2. * * *

    Latest update...

    My local computer shop has a E3300 & BioStar motherboard on sale for
    $40, so if they still have some stock this evening I will acquire one of
    these combos along with 1GB of pc 800 (2x512MB) memory sticks, and a $30
    Sata hard drive...

    With Taxes, less than $120 for a computer more useful & faster than a
    nettop. I will recycled the case, use the existing 18x DVD burner, and
    the replacement 350 watt power supply...

    This system should be purring later tonight or early tomorrow with Linux
    and the new components...

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, Apr 29, 2010
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