dead mobo or cpu?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Vic Baron, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Vic Baron

    Vic Baron Guest

    System is 915GAV/P4 3.4/2M ddr ram. Has been working fine for about a year.
    Went to start it up the other day and - nothing - PS came on, fans, drives
    all spun up but no video and no BIOS beeps. After a bit of checking ( reset
    the BIOS, check cables, pull the vid card and attach to onboard video) I
    noticed that one of the push connectors on the CPU Heatsink was loose.
    Pushed it down solidly and tried again - goy 4 beeps from AMI bios and
    system booted - went into setup hardware monitoring and noticed that cpu was
    showing 88C. Shut down, removed the heatsink, put the cpu on some conductive
    foam and cleaned sink and cpu with iso alcohol and coffee filter(lint free).
    Reinstalled the cpu and applied a small amount of arctic silver 5 and
    replaced the heatsink.

    Back to square one - everything powers up but no POST codes and no video.

    If I remove all power, battery and wait 10 minutes or so and try again, I
    get 4 beeps( system timer not working ) but no video or bootup,

    Other than finding another mobo and swapping the CPU, is there any way I can
    tell if the CPU is dead or the mobo?

    Appreciate any help -

    Vic Baron
    Vic Baron, Oct 3, 2006
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