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Death Watch Beetle on the motherboard?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Landmark, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Landmark

    Landmark Guest

    Deathwatch Beetle on the motherboard?

    I've got a problem with a PC that is really bugging me and I wondered
    if anyone else had any ideas. Its an old machine that started off life
    as a Compaq Deskpro but I'm not sure that there is any of the original
    machine left in there these days.

    Recently it has taken to "ticking" when I press the power on button.
    The power led glows red and the ticking comes from the motherboard
    speaker, evenly spaced at about two beats per second. After a period
    of ticking it bleeps, the power led goes to the normal green, and then
    it boots as normal with no problems whatsoever, and with everything
    running cool to touch even when it is left running for days at a time.
    This has been happening for several weeks so it doesn't appear to be
    signalling imminent fialure.

    The length of time it ticks for after power is applied is related to
    how long it has been since it was last turned on. The longer the
    machine has been turned off, the longer it seems to tick next time I
    turn it on, almost like there is some sort of capacitor slowly
    discharging while the machine is turned off. The ticking duration
    ranges from zero seconds through to a couple of minutes. While it is
    ticking, no power is being applied to the screen etc and pressing the
    power and reset switches has no effect. I've tried keeping the machine
    warm whilst it is powered off to see if it is a temperature related
    problem, but the results have been inconclusive.

    I've searched the net and quite a few people have reported the same
    symptons but are ususally given answers like flaky hard drive, failing
    psu, wires touching the fan etc. I'll emphasize that the ticking is
    coming from the onboard speaker, it is not a mechanical rattle, and it
    ticks at well defined precise intervals so it is not electrical noise.
    The problem is not the disc drives. I have disconnected all drives and
    the tick is quite independent of them. Likewise I removed the LAN card
    and USB expansion card so it was only left with the motherboard and it
    still ticks. I have also put in a different power supply unit (one
    with way more power than the machine needs) and tried replacing the
    processor fan and the motherboard CMOS battery, all to no effect. I've
    also done all the normal things like check the seating of all the
    components, check for scorch marks etc and not found anything

    What I keep coming back to is that the ticking is generated by the
    on-board speaker and sounds very deliberate rather than accidental, as
    if it is the BIOS trying to indicate some sort of fault condition, but
    it is not the bleep codes that are used to indicate permanent errors.
    The bios screen lists the bios as:

    AmiBios Hiflex setup utility version 1.30
    DR742E BIOS Ver 1.00.18

    Has anyone out there come across this type of ticking signal before
    and are you able to shed any light on the meaning of it?
    Landmark, Oct 20, 2007
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  2. Landmark

    Arno Wagner Guest

    The ticking may come in via power. When the speaker is powerd,
    but by DC, every AC component on the DC is very audible.

    The thing that it does depend on how long it has been off,
    may not only be heat, but also leakage current in a capacitor.
    This decreases with time under voltage. Capacitors age and yout
    PSU has some in it that are under fairly high load and are
    critical to PSU stability. So the ticking may well be comming
    from your PSU.

    Now the way to test this is usually with an oscilloscope.
    You may also try a different PSU (could be difficult if this
    is till AT-connector style). You could also hold headphones
    to the +5V and +12V lines over a resistor of, say, 1k Ohm and
    see whether you hear the ticking there.

    If I am right, repair is by capacitor replacement or PSU

    Arno Wagner, Oct 20, 2007
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  3. Landmark

    Landmark Guest

    Thanks for the suggestion Arno but the ticking comes from the on-baord
    speaker, not the PSU, and I have already tried swapping out the PSU to
    eliminat ethat as the source of the problem. Also the ticking is
    absolutely metronomic. If it was being caused directly by a capacitor
    recharging or any form of electircla noise then I'd expect the tick
    interval to be variable. I was hoping someone had come across this and
    could identify it as some form of Bios indicator.
    Landmark, Oct 21, 2007
  4. Landmark

    Arno Wagner Guest

    I did not say the audible part comes from the PSU....
    Not necessarily. A capacitor failure could cause somethine else
    to tick that usually does not or has not enough impact.
    Ticking? No. There are beep-codes, but nobody uses ticking.

    Arno Wagner, Oct 21, 2007
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