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Debugging the Invocation of Project 1 from Project 2

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by karthikbg, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest


    The Boot ROM has the basic intialisaton stuffs and is copying the
    Bootloader from the Flash to RAM , then it invokes the Bootloader
    will run in RAM.(Transferring control to the Entry point of
    Bootloader). The Bootloader copies
    my MainApplication from Flash to RAM and invoke the MainApplication in
    RAM. (Transferring control to the Entry Point of MainApplication).
    All the above operations are working perfectly.

    But, If i debug the BootROM , i am unable to trace/debug the Exact
    point at which it handles the control to the Bootloader as both are
    separate projects. In Reality, the BootROM calls the Bootloader and
    Bootloader is getting executed succesffuly. But, While debugging, As
    soon as the control moves from BootROM to Bootloader , i am unable to
    place breakpoints and debug the flow of Bootloader. In the same
    manner, if i place breakpoints and debug the bootloader, i am unable
    to get control over the MainApplication as these both are separate

    I had the below thoughts, but there are other interesting issues/
    problems that i have stated below :
    1) The Makefile should be properly generating the symbols info of all
    the projects. (.out should
    be proper with debug / symbol information) . This is done.
    2) The symbols of other project(Project to which control should be
    transferred) should be
    present at the time of handing the control from one project to
    another project.
    (This can be done by adding the symbols via 'Add Symbols' option
    in CCS. But care should
    be taken that the symbol of Project 1 should not be getting
    overwritten with Project 2 to
    have control over debugger.)

    Issues :
    But, here also, there is a scenario like, 2 applications using the
    same Memory Areas (Data
    Memory Section.) So, I think In that case, the first project's
    symbols will
    get overwritten with the next project's symbols that are loaded
    after loading the first project's
    symbols .

    Actually, the first project invokes the second project and after
    that control does not return
    back to the first Project.
    So, i have to place a breakpoint in the first project exactly at
    the place it calls the second
    project. At that point of time(while the debugger stops at the
    Breakpoint where the second
    project is being called ), i may need to load the symbols of the
    second project . But, i
    suspect even now that the symbols of the Second Project may corrupt
    the First Project's
    symbols as it must be in memory at the point of transferring
    control to Second Project .
    And this is the Problem now . What could be the solution ?

    Any other ideas for resolving this issue of Debugging Multiple
    Projects ? I do not find any
    info with respect to debugging Multiple Projects in CCS (Code Composer
    I use CCS and XDS510-USB for OMAP.

    Could someone here help me in resolving this issue ?

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Jan 31, 2007
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  2. karthikbg

    Brad Griffis Guest

    Why are you debugging the BootROM? It's ROM and therefore cannot be
    changed so I don't understand why you'd be "debugging" it.

    Furthermore, you mentioned that the BootROM worked perfectly and
    transferred your secondary bootloader from flash into RAM.

    So what is the problem that you're trying to find?
    You're talking about so many things I can't figure out what you're
    having the problem with. Is your problem that you cannot set a
    breakpoint inside your secondary bootloader in order to debug it? If
    that's the case you need to use a hardware breakpoint. You can do that
    by going to Debug->Breakpoints and making sure the type is "H/W
    Breakpoint". The reason you need a hardware breakpoint is because a
    software breakpoint works by writing a special opcode into the RAM.
    When the BootROM runs and copies in your code it will blow away that
    special opcode and hence you won't halt. If you put a hardware
    breakpoint there you should be able to debug your secondary bootloader.
    I don't have any answers for you regarding the debug of two applications
    simultaneously. In general this should not need to be done. You should
    be able to debug the bootloader independent from the application.
    Brad Griffis, Jan 31, 2007
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  3. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    Why are you debugging the BootROM? It's ROM and therefore cannot be
    My Boot ROM can be fused through my Flash Programmer/Burner into a
    particular Block of Flash Memory.
    So, it can be programmed/changed and flashed into Flash Memory using
    my Flash Programmer/Flash Burner utility that will be running from
    BootROM will get executed on Reset. (I am not talking about TI's Boot
    Code here).
    Yes, BootROM is working perfectly. Yes, It is copying the Bootloader
    into RAM perfectly.
    The Problem is - The Bootloader uses the SRAM contents and validates
    for certain versioning . Based on the validation output, it will be
    copying one of the 2
    applications to RAM from Flash Memory. But, those SRAM contents get
    corrupted . So, my Bootloader copies the same application from Flash
    to RAM for all
    scenarios. So, i need to check if there is something happening at the
    point the Boot ROM gives control to the BootLoader.
    So, i need to debug these stuffs.
    In the same manner , i need to analyse if there is some data
    corruption while the Bootloader(Secondary Bootloader) is handling the
    control to the Application
    as some Memory Contents that are to be used by the Application appear
    Fine, I will Try this 'Hardware Breakpoint' . While trying to Look
    into the
    Hardware breakpoint, I got interesting info . Pls find it below :
    " When debugging code where instructions are copied (Scatterloading),
    modified or the processor
    MMU remaps areas of memory, HW breakpoints should be used. In these
    scenarios SW breakpoints
    are unreliable as they may be either lost or overwritten. "
    It is possible to do simultaneious debugging and it is achievable.
    I believe that if the Program Memory Contents of 2 applications reside
    together in RAM. Then it is possible to do that.
    (That is - there should not be clash in Memory Allocations for these 2
    applications using Linker Command Files / Linker Scripts .
    These independent Linker Scripts should be designed in that manner to
    avoid Memory Overlapping ). The symbol
    information of both the applications can be loaded . (There will not
    be any overwritting of symbol information by one project over the
    other !! )

    Data Memory (Heap, Stack ) are the areas of concern. But, i think,
    these will not get corrupted. Because, these are spaces
    that are used completely by Bootloader(Project 1) first, then these
    will completely used by application later( Project 2).

    Unless , the application does not switch back to the Bootloader ,
    these Data Memory (Stack, Heap) will not get corrupted.
    So, It is possible. What do you think ? Any other ideas ? Kindly let
    me know.

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Feb 1, 2007
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