Declining battery life: e1405 with 9-cell battery

Discussion in 'Dell' started by notaguru, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. notaguru

    notaguru Guest

    When new, three months ago, runtime was about 6.5 hours. At a
    meeting on Thursday, a fully-charged battery lasted about 3.5 hours.

    All conditions are the same: brightness, power options, etc. The
    Sidebar "meter" shows operation of each core, and usage of
    memory, and this also has been about the same. The unit is
    normally plugged in, and runs on battery only 3-4 times a week -
    only rarely until exhaustion.

    Is this under warranty? Is it expected performance?

    notaguru, Sep 1, 2007
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  2. notaguru

    JCMc Guest

    It's a little hard to believe you were able to get 6.5 hours from a charge
    originally, unless your hard drive was not being used, but in any event,
    your battery should not have deteriorated that dramatically in just three
    months. I'd look into other possible explanations before considering the
    battery itself. For instance, are you now running applications that access
    your hard drive more extensively, or are you now using wireless that may
    have been disabled when you were experiencing 6.5 hours?

    It might help to describe your system (model for instance) and your typical
    application load (Access database reorganizations, photo editing,
    spreadsheet development, . . .)

    Good luck,
    JCMc, Sep 2, 2007
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  3. notaguru

    notaguru Guest

    e1405 - and you're right: I should have been more descriptive.

    Shouldn't be too hard to believe, as the promo is something like
    "7+ hours" with this extended battery. It has run 8 hours
    driving only an external display.

    It's a Dell e1405 with the WXGA+ screen, Core Duo @ 1.83GHz, 2GB
    RAM, and a 120GB 5400RPM drive. Vista Home Premium. I also use a
    2GB SD chip with ReadyBoost.

    Wireless, Bluetooth, Aero (great!) and Sidebar are always ON. No
    IR, and I don't use the speakers.

    At idle, the Sidebar Multimeter shows RAM at 58% utilization
    with a typical application load (all MS Office 2007, Firefox,
    Thunderbird). Defender plus Avast, plus a few utilities and
    tools, run in the background. Services have been carefully but
    thoroughly trimmed, but Superfetch is ON.

    On battery, the screen and 'performance level' settings are much
    lower than when on AC power, and the HD shuts down quickly, but
    those settings have never changed over time.

    This unit is satisfyingly fast on AC power.
    notaguru, Sep 2, 2007
  4. notaguru

    Journey Guest

    What do you like about Aero?

    What side bar gadget do you use for performance monitoring (you
    mention RAM, what about CPU?).

    I have a 640m, and use very aggressive power management, above and
    beyond what you write about above, and I could attain 6.5 hours.

    However, that is with wi-fi and bluetooth turned off, no sidebar to
    keep the CPU active, display turn off after 1 minute, shortcut to a
    blank screen saver that I can use for less than that, Vista indexing
    turned off, and the advanced power setting tweaked to only go up to
    25% of CPU.

    What is Superfetch?

    Anyway, battery life can be greatly extended on those laptops if one
    knows how to do it -- I could never attain 6.5 hours with wireless
    turned on however.
    Journey, Sep 2, 2007
  5. notaguru

    notaguru Guest

    It's elegant, fun, and useful -- I keep dozens of documents and
    up to 10 apps open at a time. There's no better way to get where
    you want to go.
    Multimeter, and it does monitor CPU usage for each core
    It monitors usage, and over time preloads what you're expected
    to want and need.
    notaguru, Sep 2, 2007
  6. notaguru

    Journey Guest

    How does Vista help with that -- the 3D window switching application,
    or is it something else?
    Journey, Sep 2, 2007
  7. notaguru

    Jay B Guest

    the dell battery warranty is 1 year, but only if it dies and doesnt hold
    a charge.
    but i didn't think that dell sold that model 3 mos ago.
    did you buy it direct from dell?
    even so, the battery has a shelf life, and that could explain a lot.
    Jay B, Sep 4, 2007
  8. notaguru

    notaguru Guest

    Yes, from Dell - a heartbeat before the e1405 was discontinued.
    I'm very satisfied, and generally use it as a desktop replacement.

    However, that battery issue is annoying.
    notaguru, Sep 4, 2007
  9. notaguru

    Jay B Guest

    i sold about 10 of them in the year they were around, and all is still
    working great. but none in the last 6 mos.
    the battery issues have been discussed in this NG numerous times.
    Mileage can vary based on shelf life of the battery, as well as how the
    laptop is used. if the laptop is primarily plugged in, the battery can
    die simply from the heat of the unit. i normally remove the batteries
    if used on AC for extended periods.
    also as mentioned above, it could be that you have something that is
    "always running" in the background, that is chewing up cpu and keeping
    the HD moving, that never causes the laptop to "sleep", even when not
    being used. check using a program like process explorer.
    Jay B, Sep 4, 2007
  10. notaguru

    notaguru Guest

    Thanks. Do you work for Dell? Or is there some retail channel I
    don't know about?

    I'm investigating this unit to see if something's chewing away
    at the battery.
    notaguru, Sep 4, 2007
  11. notaguru

    S.Lewis Guest
    S.Lewis, Sep 4, 2007
  12. notaguru

    RnR Guest

    I used this company for at least 2 laptop batteries and they were the
    real McCoy (dell brand) and delivered as promise. I will use them
    disclaimer: I receive no benefits from them. I'm just a paying
    RnR, Sep 5, 2007
  13. notaguru

    Jay B Guest

    no i dont work for dell. i'm a full reseller.

    if you run hijackthis.exe and record the log, and post it here, we can
    take a look to see what's going on inside your box.
    Jay B, Sep 5, 2007
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