Defective Media Center Edition cd.. Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by allegro, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. allegro

    allegro Guest


    I have a Dell labeled Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 cd that i got
    with my system.
    A few days ago i wanted to reinstall the whole thing, but after a few
    minutes into install it failed because the cd was unreadible.

    I tried again and again, but no luck.
    So i decided to install my copy of Windows XP Home for now.

    I called and emailed Dell, but they refuse to send me a new cd... I called
    many times, but they will not send it.

    Because i just want a Dell version of MCE2005 (i have a Dell licence and key
    for that) i won't install a regular OEM copy.
    But, if someone could supply me with the files that i need to make a regular
    OEM copy to a Dell copy -that doesn't need a key and activation on a Dell-
    that would be great.
    That way i could just use those files (about 12mb) on a regular OEM copy of
    a friend..
    I hope someone could help me out and could upload the needed files to my
    Streamload account:!



    The files i need from the Dell labeled MCE2005 cd:

    -------- The needed files ---------
    In folder \I386:

    In folder I386\WIN9XUPG:

    Then you could archive it with Winzip or WinRar.

    You could create a batchfile that copies the needed files, from in my case
    the G: drive (cd-rom) to the folder C:\XPbios.

    Copy and paste this to a new txtfile (notepad) :

    MKDIR C:\XPbios
    COPY G:\I386\DPCDLL.DL_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\EULA.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\NT5INF.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.BI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.DA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.SI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\PIDGEN.DLL "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPP.INI "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPREG.HIV "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\UNATTEND.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\WINNT.SIF "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V

    Save as for instance XPbios.bat -you may have to edit location of cd and
    folder-, then save it and double cick it..

    On C:\ there is a new folder created called XPbios with the needed files,
    you can now use WinZip or WinRar and upload it to!
    allegro, Jan 29, 2005
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  2. allegro

    WSZsr Guest

    Nice try..... If you have a Dell branded Windows XP Media Center Edition
    2005 CD that came with your Dell and if the Dell is registered to you, they
    will replace your CD.
    WSZsr, Jan 29, 2005
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  3. allegro

    guess Guest

    Have you tried making a copy of your Dell CD? I have done this sometimes,
    and it might just work. If not, have you checked to see if these files are
    the same as regular WinXP files??
    guess, Jan 29, 2005
  4. allegro

    allegro Guest


    Well, i do have a Dell branded cd and they will not replace it.
    Maybe they should but i can't get them to send me one..
    They only offerred me to buy a new copy.. While i have a licence and key
    All i need is a working cd or the needed files and i'm good to go.

    I don't know why Dell doesn't want to send a new one, but maybe that's an
    issue with the Dutch Dell department.

    All i know is, i got the best help in this group in the past so if someone
    could spare a few minutes of their time..


    allegro, Jan 29, 2005
  5. allegro

    allegro Guest


    Yes i checked the cd with a few cd/dvd recovery tools.
    About 40 % of the disc is not readible.. That's a lot..

    So if someone could help me out with this..
    I know, asking to post the full cd is too much, so i only ask for the needed
    files.. That way i could combine those files with a regular OEM copy from a

    I had good results earlier with a defective XP Home cd from my other Dell.
    Just used an regular copy (Dutch) and got the needed files (those were UK,
    but that's OK) from a friend.
    Just installed smoothly, no key no activation.


    allegro, Jan 29, 2005
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