Deleting attachments in Apple Mail without deleting the message

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Jorl Shefner, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Jorl Shefner

    Jorl Shefner Guest

    Is this possible to do, and still preserve the text of the message?

    I see that '~/Library/Mail Downloads' holds a large number of
    documents received as attachments. It seems to generate these files
    *only* if the attachment is opened in the e-mail, and deleting these
    copies has no effect on Apple Mail (which presumably stores the
    attachment in some encoded form along with the original message). For
    instance, Spotlight does not find attachments by name which I have not
    opened from Mail previously.

    If so, I suppose there should be no problem deleting the files in
    this folder (> 80 MB) since they can be recovered from Mail at any
    time. Of course, this does nothing to address my original desire to
    strip attachments from messages in certain situations, but it might
    save some disk space.

    Jorl Shefner, Aug 2, 2005
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  2. Jorl Shefner

    Tom Stiller Guest

    Select the message then choose "Remove Attachments" from the "Message"
    menu. This is available on both Panther and Tiger; I don't know about

    Tom Stiller, Aug 2, 2005
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