Dell 500m - Centrino problems

Discussion in 'Dell' started by W Luke, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. W Luke

    W Luke Guest


    I've had my Dell 500m for about 6 months - but the Centrino aspect has never
    properly worked. It disconnects itself at random intervals - sometimes ever
    few minutes, sometimes only once a day. There's no logic to it.

    Is this a common problem with Intel's chipset, and has anyone found a
    workaround solution?


    W Luke, Mar 7, 2004
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  2. W Luke

    tony Guest

    Got the same laptop, i have the same problem. It looses the wifi signal
    after about 45 minutes. If i reboot the computer it will pick the signal up
    then loose it again in a few minutes. i have updated the bios, drivers and
    what ever but nothing fixes it. i have sat next the the wifi router and it
    does the same.

    i bought a Dlink G card for the laptop, with that card the laptop would lock
    up and would have to reboot. i returned it and a few weeks. I have emailed D
    link to see if they had a fix but got nothing from them.

    So i was at Fry's a couple of weeks ago, I bought a CHEAP no name
    Airlinkplus wireless B card for 22 bucks. It has worth perfect for weeks
    now. So that is how i fixed my problem...i think the Intel Centrino Shit
    sucks...just a market ploy.

    BTW i got the laptop as a replaced for one that was stolen. i did not order
    it, but once i got this problem solve it was worked perfect.

    tony, Mar 7, 2004
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