Dell 8300 Desktops - Anyone getting a system battery voltage low warning ? Dell can't figure out w

Discussion in 'Dell' started by who, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. who

    who Guest

    Is anyone wrestling like I am with a system battery voltage low
    warning at boot from my 4 month old Dell 8300 system? It just started
    happening the other day. From my research in the various Dell forums
    it appears to be a common problem with these systems and even some
    older 8200 systems that Dell won't fully acknowledge. Dell's
    suggestions range from the normal tech support lame bios tweaking
    answers of clearing nvram and system event log , resetting factory
    deafults to even reseating/replacing the system battery. Believe or
    not another fix seems to hinge upon the use of certain surge
    suppressors, including the Belkin ones that Dell sells to you on-line
    with their systems. Apparently certain surge suppressors don't allow
    the system battery to recharge so they suggest connecting directly to
    the wall outlet to correct the problem (What about surge protection
    and warranty then Dell?) or trying a more expensive suppressor (What
    brand and/or what specifications, Dell?). None of the proposed
    solutions works consistently on every system all the time or even at
    all. In some instances the warning just may even go away. The battery
    replacement/reseating and surge suppressor use solutions seem to get
    the most votes of confidence or at least some limited success. Go
    figure...My question to Dell is What gives?. How about a real
    solution, on-site support or a replacement system instead. Dell will
    try anything so they don't have to honor a valid warranty with real
    time service. A new computer shouldn't experience problems like this
    one, especially the new expensive one I purchased from Dell.
    who, Apr 3, 2004
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  2. who

    Larry Guest

    My 8300 is going on 8 months old and doesn't exhibit this problem.
    Larry, Apr 3, 2004
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  3. who

    WSZsr Guest

    A friend has the exact same problem with his 8300. Dell suggested replacing
    the battery but he hasn't tried that yet.
    WSZsr, Apr 4, 2004
  4. who

    Patrick Cras Guest

    Yep, I had this problem also, I just pressed on the battery inside and
    rebooted the PC, and since then the problem has gone.
    Maybe you can try this also.

    Patrick Cras, Apr 4, 2004
  5. who

    w_tom Guest

    In New Mexico, another fix seems to hinge upon performing a
    rain dance if computer is placed center of a dance circle.

    Surge protector solution is classic urban myth. Protector
    remains inert - does absolutely nothing - until AC mains
    voltage exceeds a threshold or let-through voltage. That
    voltage is even printed on every box - typically 330 volts.
    Funny thing about numbers. Numbers are avoided to promote
    urban myths. Surge protector does nothing until 120 VAC
    exceed 300+ volts. Where, pray tell, does a plug-in protector
    have anything to do with a low voltage battery recharge?
    Rain dance has been proven repeatedly to be a more reliable
    solution - if research was performed in real world forums.

    If surge protector did not permit battery to recharge, then
    surge protector also did not permit computer to power on.
    Posted by is classic urban myth promoted
    by junk science reasoning. There also was no looting in Iraq
    because Rumsfeld said so. A quote from Rumsfeld is sufficient
    to be called proof? Another technically naive poster in some
    newsgroup says surge protectors can cause batteries to not
    recharge? No wonder some corporate executives must go
    overseas to find competent employees. Some Americans, because
    they never learned concepts even taught in Junior High School
    science, will believe almost anything posted.
    w_tom, Apr 4, 2004
  6. who

    who Guest

    Thanks w_ tom for your thesis on surge protectors, Dah... I'm not a
    believer of Dell's mish mash, I'm just passing on the Dell Forum
    discussion results. You might want to also try reading some of those
    solutions, including the surge protector solution, explainable or not
    as they may seem @
    before engaging your brain again.

    Another technically naive poster, Hah...........
    who, Apr 5, 2004
  7. who

    Ron Guest

    Same here on my 8250. The message appeared in first few weeks, I pressed
    down on the battery, no message for about a year now.
    Ron, Apr 5, 2004
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