Dell Alienware R5 17 LA-F551P REV 1, power on, no post, no display debug

Discussion in 'Dell' started by PSOUTRAGE38, Jan 3, 2024.



    Jan 3, 2024
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    I bought a used motherboard from Evil Bay i know i know i deserve to be flamed however im still learning the keywords of scammers like in this ebay listing "pulled from working unit" man why, why would someone pull a motherboard from a working unit instead of just sell the unit , its my fault shame on me
    I am new to Micro soldering and i need some direction, i cant figure out this no display debug issue with the motherboard,
    it powers on, and 2 red and i believe its 7 blue and 3 deeps, ive reprogrammed the VBIOS on this LA-F551P / UG13
    i reprogrammed the BIOS for post, by the PCH nothing works and i even bought a BRAND NEW display (40 pin), nothing works
    please assist me i burned almost 400 on this, and im just not smart enough to hunt htis issue down
    thank you for any help
    PSOUTRAGE38, Jan 3, 2024
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