Dell ATX Power Supplies - standard or custom?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by The Old Man, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. The Old Man

    The Old Man Guest

    Hi all,
    Just found this newsgroup. We have had to take a Dell PC from work to a
    local PC shop as its PSU blew. We were told they are hard to get hold of as
    Dell PSU's are not standard ATX power supplies. Does anyone know if this is
    true? unfortunately it was taken in before I could look at it as its out of
    warranty. I apologise for not having the model number but its a Pentium III
    ATX Tower.

    The Old Man, Sep 24, 2004
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  2. The Old Man

    S.Lewis Guest


    Post the specific name/model number of the system. Someone here will know.

    S.Lewis, Sep 24, 2004
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  3. The Old Man

    Matt Guest

    The PSU for a Dimension 4500 (2 year old P4 machine) costs around $35
    from Dell.
    Matt, Sep 24, 2004
  4. The Old Man

    Dick Silk Guest

    If you have your Dell service tag (serial number) of that unit, you can look
    up your system's exact power supply with corresponding Dell Part Number
    (DPN) *online*. From there, you can order a refurbished PSU from Dell. -- Now, if you're the dude in charge of repairing
    stuff around there, find a NEW Dell service tag and log into and you'll get a much better website with much
    better services.

    With next day delivery, you should be able to solve your problem in under 24
    Dick Silk, Sep 24, 2004
  5. The Old Man

    The Old Man Guest

    Thanks for the information everyone. Much appreciated.

    The Old Man, Sep 24, 2004
  6. The Old Man

    Matt Guest

    I've tried before and wasn't able to find a page where you can order or
    look up parts online. Could you provide a link?
    Matt, Sep 26, 2004
  7. The Old Man

    Dick Silk Guest

    you need the service tag.
    Or I do. Can't do squat without it, but you *could* try looking up the
    model without the service tag. Not as entirely accurate, however...
    Dick Silk, Sep 27, 2004
  8. The Old Man

    The Old Man Guest

    A quick question, can Dell Power Supplies be replaced with standard ATX
    power supplies such as Antec etc or are they a special design? I realise
    this might only apply to certain models and I am in the UK.
    The Old Man, Sep 27, 2004
  9. The Old Man

    JJO Guest

    It depends on the model but I believe for the past few years now the Dell
    systems use a standard PS. I believe the proprietary PS were dropped around
    2000 or so.

    John O.
    JJO, Sep 27, 2004
  10. Depends on the vintage; until recently, most Dells used NON STANDARD
    wiring on their power supplies. Adaptors used to be available in the
    US to allow use of standard ATX power supplies with Dell motherboards.
    Don't be tempted to try a standard power supply - many motherboards
    have been fried that way....
    Peter Felgate, Sep 27, 2004
  11. The Old Man

    Ben Myers Guest

    Standard ATX power supplies can be used in Dell systems if and only if you know
    for sure that the motherboard/power supply combo in the specific Dell system is
    not one of the earlier faux ATX types, i.e. an ATX-like connector with different
    voltages on the pins than ATX. Someone made an earlier posting in this
    newsgroup explaining EXACTLY which Dell models are standard ATX. I recently
    installed an Antec P4 power supply in a Dell 4300 which I am bringing back to
    life... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 27, 2004
  12. The Old Man

    S.Lewis Guest

    As a general rule:

    The Dimension 23XX-3000 models have standard ATX supplies (though max.watts
    vary from 200w upward to 250w, I believe)

    The Dimension 4300-4600 models also have standard ATX, with the output
    seldom varying from 250w.

    The Dimension 8200-8300 models are standard ATX, ranging from 250w to 305w.

    The new Dimension 4700 and 8400 appear to have ( what I think are ) standard
    BTX supplies and range up to 350w. These will not work with the older ATX
    boards unless there's some adapter out there.

    Slimline models of the Dimension, while ATX, have specific external
    (housing) measurements that probably limit replacement to Dell-only
    components, and range from 130w all the way up to 200 or 250w.

    Generally, any models previous to that will have proprietary Dell connects,
    with the possible exception of the Dimension 2100 and 2200. With those
    machines, one needs to verify visually. I've understood that the 2200 is
    indeed ATX from someone in a newsgroup.

    The Optiplex desktop line is another matter entirely due to the various case
    form factors and models.

    S.Lewis, Sep 27, 2004
  13. The Old Man

    The Old Man Guest

    Ok thanks very much for your help and trouble, much appreciated everyone!
    Printed all this out.
    The Old Man, Sep 28, 2004
  14. The Old Man

    zzzz Guest

    So, does any of you know the exact size of Dell Dim8300 motherboard?
    I'm going to upgrade my box but don't know the size of the mobo so
    that I can get a proper case for it.
    Thanks in advance.
    zzzz, Oct 16, 2004
  15. The Old Man

    David Casey Guest

    As far as I know only a Dell case will work with a Dell motherboard. The
    screw holes are in different places than the usual motherboard standards
    and I'm pretty sure you don't want to try drilling new ones. :)

    You can talk about us, but you can't talk without us!
    US Army Signal Corps!!

    Remove IH8SPAM to reply by email!
    David Casey, Oct 16, 2004
  16. The Old Man

    S.Lewis Guest

    These are for the PowerEdge 400 SC, which has an almost identical system
    board. However, I don't think you want to venture putting an 8300 mainboard
    into a retail case. There will be problems.

    S.Lewis, Oct 17, 2004
  17. The Old Man


    Mar 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Installed standard power supply on Dimension 8200 and it's WORKING

    I just installed a standard ATX power supply (all be it a cheap one: CompUsa SKU 282827 - 500 Watt 12V ver1.2 ATX). The Dell case does not allow for the toggle switch on the back of PWS to protrude through the case so I had to cut out piece of metal on the Dell case (these Clamshell cases are the worst design since the old wraparound metal cover that required 4 arms to get the hooks and groves aligned). Once I made a hole for the switch it installed securely without a problem. The old power supply (Model: HP-P2507F3 rev H01 Dell P/N: 4G456) appears simmular to a standard PWS except -5v, white wire, is missing on the ATX connector (main 20 pin connector attached to the MB) and of course no toggle switch. The computer turned on with the power switch on the front of the PC without a problem and presently I have been running Prime95 for 20 min without an error.
    So far no smoke no fire no bad smell.
    I don't know if the system will be stable tomorrow or 6 months from now but I hope this answers some questions.
    8200pws, Mar 20, 2008
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