Dell cannot boot, not even with a CD

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Daave, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Daave

    Daave Guest

    OK, I've pulled out most of my hair by now!

    Breathe... breathe...

    OK, I'm back.

    A client asked me to look at his *extremely* slow Dell Dimension 8200
    desktop. I noticed that the 120GB hard drive had about 1GB of free
    sapce! After copying 60GB of photos to an external hard drive and then
    deleting the files to get some breathing room, I rebooted to see how
    things were.

    Definite improvement. Of course McAfee wouldn't shut up (I told him
    there are far better AV progs available) and the PC hung. Mouse and
    keyboard locked up. I couldn't do anything. I pushed in the power
    button since there was no other way to reboot.

    That's when the problems started. PC won't boot in Regular Mode. The
    loading bar stops moving and freezes. Can't boot using LKGC. When
    choosing Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Command Prompt, PC freezes while
    loading agp440.sys. When I boot off an XP installation CD, that
    freezes at the "Setup is Starting Windows XP" message.

    Dell diagnostics doesn't show a bad hard drive. Could the mobo have
    been damaged?

    Daave, Jul 21, 2009
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  2. Daave

    gregg Guest

    Why don't you do a disk and do a complete diagnostic? This will give you and
    idea of whether or not it is problem. Look at the motherboard and see if
    there are any bulging caps. As far as I know this wasn't a problem typically
    in 8200's, but in the Optiplex 270's it is/was a rampant problem.
    Unfortunately, you may have run into a "coincidental" problem. They exist
    and no matter what you do it is hard to get someone to believe that "you"
    didn't do it. :) Good luck.

    gregg, Jul 21, 2009
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  3. Daave

    Steve W. Guest

    VirtuaGirl2 is an online stripper porn site. it connects up and sticks a
    stripper on the desktop. Personally I would casually mention this while
    the wife is nearby....
    Sounds like these two really need some lessons on safe computing.
    I'm betting they have ALL the automatic updates and such set up as well.
    I would strip the machine down and clean it, then flush the drive and
    reload. Ask them exactly what they use it for and set it up according to
    Steve W., Jul 21, 2009
  4. Hi!
    Yes, you are working around a problem somewhere. I've been working on
    a Dim8250 recently and found none of the problems you were talking
    about when I went to reload a fresh copy of Windows onto a blank hard
    drive for testing purposes.

    The installation just worked, and it worked fine from the owner's
    installation media.
    One of my brothers had that quite a long time ago, and he ended up
    getting a BIG surprise on his telephone bill. His connection at the
    time was dial-up, and without his knowledge (or maybe even with it,, wait, that rant is going to be way off topic), it
    was switched to a premium rate number going to somewhere outside of
    the US.

    I think you'd do really well to not go back there. It sounds like the
    whole thing is just one mess after another.

    William R. Walsh, Jul 22, 2009
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