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Discussion in 'Dell' started by Fixer, May 15, 2009.

  1. Fixer

    Fixer Guest

    Might be of interest to anyone thats DCSE certified, Dell has now changed
    the way it offers DCSE certification and it is now only availble to Dell
    Warranty Providors

    the full information is here

    and a couple of relevent answers from it

    2. Can I choose to remain in the Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE)
    Program if I am not associated with a Dell Service Provider (DSP)?
    a.. No. The DCSE program will remain active only for Dell Service

    Non Dell Warranty Service Providors must register for the Dell DDET programm

    will this give you a recognised qulification? NO see below

    What benefits does DDET provide?
    a.. DDET is an accreditation of knowledge only and does not provide
    special benefits to technicians or a recognized industry certification.
    Customers must be part of a larger Dell program such as Dell ProSupport for
    IT to perform work on Dell systems without affecting the warranty (training
    and certification required). Through Dell ProSupport for IT, you and your IT
    staff can receive Dell training and certification in order to qualify for
    Fast-Track Dispatch, where you can bypass basic troubleshooting to order
    parts and/or labor when you already know what the issue is.
    what is the cost for DDET? What is included?a.. The price of DDET is
    $179 per technician per year. This covers all three of the DDET exams:
    Dell Training for Desktop Systems
    Dell Training for Notebook Systems
    Dell Training for PowerEdgeTM Systems

    and my own favourite

    What benefits are associated with DDETa.. DDET is intended for
    personal enrichment only and does not provide special benefits to individual
    Fixer, May 15, 2009
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  2. Fixer

    Ben Myers Guest

    Dell seems to be shooting itself in the foot with the changes to the
    Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE) program. Or maybe I do not
    understand it because I am one of those renegade service providers who
    downloads and reads the service manuals from the Dell web site. But it
    seems to me that this whole mess follows the old-time Novell model where
    one could command big bucks for being a Novell-certified whatever. Or
    the current Cisco and Microsoft certification programs.

    If being a DDET (sounds like a chemical sprayed to kill insects) costs
    $179 for nothing, DCSE must cost a small fortune, and Dell is passing up
    yet another opportunity to make more money. These are text-book on-line
    DDET exams? Extremely practical. Almost as practical as hands-on.

    .... Ben Myers DDET not DCSE not
    Ben Myers, May 15, 2009
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  3. Fixer

    Fixer Guest

    Originally I worked for one of Dells Service Providors, but left to join HP,
    however I kept up my DCSE certifications as a back up. However the DCSE
    program was seen in the Industry as a non qualification as it was open book
    certification, which basically proved "you knew where to look, to get the
    answers and resolve the proble" nand never carried as much qudos as say MCSE
    or CCNE

    In saying that though alot of UK employers when looking for Hardware
    engineers do stipulate DCSE certified, which now is going to restrict their
    catchment audience
    Fixer, May 15, 2009
  4. Fixer


    Mar 29, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Dell Certification Tests

    I'm Currently taking these tests anyone interested in the study material and answers from the actual site let me know.. I can post screen shots of the information

    Americas Desktop Proficiency - Complete
    Americas Notebook Proficiency
    Americas PowerConnect Proficiency
    Americas PowerEdge Proficiency
    Americas PowerVault Proficiency
    Americas Printer Proficiency
    Americas Blades Proficiency
    DOSD New User Information

    As I get the information i will update this post
    Viricide, Mar 29, 2010
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