Dell Dimension 2400/3000 and bootable USB? Please help.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by win in ram, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. win in ram

    win in ram Guest

    I bought a used Dimension 2400 and 3000 last year for home use. Recently, I
    read about bootable USB and was wondering how well Dell Dimension 2400 and
    3000 PCs are at it? At work, the newer Dell PCs seem to have no problem. In
    fact, I allowed the CD drive to be bootable with USB being the next followed
    by the hard drive and after putting in my older Windows 98 SE CD and booting
    from it, the USB pen drive was recognized as the C: drive even by fdisk and
    after doing a format c: /s on the usb pen drive, I was able to boot to it
    just like a DOS floppy although I'm not sure I could install the entire OS
    on the pen drive that only 256MB. Does Dimension 2400 and 3000 support
    booting off USB like what I mentioned? If not, how does booting off the USB
    work in those two PCs?
    win in ram, Aug 22, 2005
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  2. win in ram

    Pen Guest

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  3. win in ram

    win in ram Guest

    Ok, thanks. Glad to hear that both can do bootable USB everything including
    usbcd. One question though. I have a 256MB pen drive which I left formatted
    as FAT16 and I copied my DOS games to the drive. Some of them don't work
    effectively under XP, even tried VDMsound and DOSBOX. However, I do have a
    bootable dos CD with all the sound card drivers and would like to know if
    upon bootup the BIOS treats the USB pen drive as a fixed disk (assuming
    INT13) and thus tricks DOS/Win9x into seeing it as a fixed hard disk so that
    when I type c:, it goes to the pen drive since my actual fixed drive is NTFS
    formatted and DOS won't recognize it of course.
    win in ram, Aug 22, 2005
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