Dell don't deal with recovery disks anymore

Discussion in 'Dell' started by mayade21, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. mayade21

    mayade21 Guest

    I deleted my d: drive and lost my recovery image on it. So, I called
    Dell requesting a recovery disk for my 1330 laptop but he said Dell no
    more sends recovery disks. He offered to send me Vista and the drivers
    and said I have to do a fresh installation.
    mayade21, Jan 6, 2009
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  2. mayade21

    Ben Myers Guest

    I have never seen a "Dell" recovery disk for any version of Windows. If
    a recovery disk is anything like the slug of a DVD provided by HP for
    Windows Vista, you would not want one anyway. I did a Vista recovery
    onto a replacement hard drive for the owner of an newer HP laptop last
    week, and the damnable process took about five hours. Fortunately, I
    still have enough good sense not to waste my time watching it. I would
    rather watch maple sap gather in a bucket.

    Plain and simple, the Dell CDs/DVDs provided with a computer or after
    the fact are all 99.999% standard Windows install CDs/DVDs, with a
    second CD for the hardware drivers for a given model or family of
    models. (There may also be additional CDs for modestly crippled CD/DVD
    burning software or DVD viewing software.) The 0.001% difference, a
    detailed scientific computation BTW, is a single file on the CD/DVD to
    designate that the install medium is intended for installation on a
    computer with a Dell BIOS. When installed on a Dell system, the
    resulting Windows software does not have to be activated, saving all of
    us time with Microsoft's stinking laborious product activation farce.

    I have been told the story that a Dell version of Windows can be
    installed on another name-brand or white box computer with an OEM
    Windows sticker and it can actually be activated. If anyone wants to
    hear the story as recounted to me, send me an email directly... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 6, 2009
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  3. mayade21

    Bob Levine Guest

    I've done this successfully many times with XP. Haven't tried with Vista.

    Bob Levine, Jan 6, 2009
  4. mayade21

    S.Lewis Guest

    That would be straight down the line policy, I suspect.

    They may not provide full image restore discs anymore.

    They rarely provided them years ago - usually only in cases of a very early
    hard drive failure in a new system or in some unique case where a clean
    install by a user was not practical very soon after purchase. In fact,
    there was a time when they would send out a replacement hard drive already
    re-imaged - but those cases were very unusual.

    In your case, you sort of created the failure so you get to rebuild the
    drive. Nice of them to offer to provide the OS discs though.

    S.Lewis, Jan 6, 2009
  5. Hi!
    It'll ask you for a product key, or the activation wizard will tell
    you that the previously specified product key is not valid and that
    you have to specify another.

    It only accepts OEM keys, not retail ones.

    Not that I ever tried it. ;-)
    I will. I'd still like to know about the 2.88 disks and drives (if
    that was directed to me in an earlier thread). Also: Do you have any
    Dimension 4600 computers, and did you ever see my post on the Packard
    Bell newsgroup about wanting to see a picture of the board you found?

    William R. Walsh, Jan 6, 2009
  6. mayade21

    Daddy Guest

    I have one word to say about recovery disks and recovery partitions: FEH!

    Daddy, Jan 6, 2009
  7. mayade21

    S.Lewis Guest

    The only thing I'll add is that I've needed them on some rare and necessary
    occasions and was glad to have the option.

    Beyond those exceptions, I'd certainly agree.
    S.Lewis, Jan 6, 2009
  8. mayade21

    Ben Myers Guest


    I've got some catching up to do after an extremely busy week last week
    (pent up demand after our siege of ice storm followed by 2 snow storms)
    and dealing with a KOREAN(!) Windows 98 computer that won't boot but has
    a lot of very expensive dongle-activated software on it. And the owner
    probably does not have the diskettes or CD or whatever for the expensive
    software. And you can't install US Windows 98 over a KOREAN Windows
    98... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 6, 2009
  9. mayade21

    Ben Myers Guest

    As far as I am concerned, CDBurnerXP is perhaps easier to use than the
    not-fully-featured Nero that comes with a Dell box. It is also free,
    free, free. There are also several functional freeware DVD players...
    Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 6, 2009
  10. mayade21

    S.Lewis Guest

    "That's gonna be an UPcharge, sir. Or, we could just replace the machine."
    S.Lewis, Jan 7, 2009
  11. Hi!
    Fun. Probably isn't the word.

    I came into a cute little Samsung SENS subnotebook that the owner of a
    restaurant gave me in exchange for some RAM. It even came with a working
    battery...and a Korean copy of Windows Me. Strangely enough, while the OS
    was localized in Korean, the system itself (BIOS setup tool, keyboard) would
    appear to be the perfect en-US speaker.

    That isn't so odd until you consider that this particular SENS notebook was
    *only* sold in Korea. What little info I've found is all in Korean. I should
    really make a web page about it, because I can't be the only english speaker
    that's got one. I think.

    William R. Walsh, Jan 7, 2009
  12. What free DVD software would you recommend, as I am getting ready to
    reformat myself.
    John Novicki Jr, Jan 7, 2009
  13. mayade21

    Tony Harding Guest

    Does this mean a trip to Seoul, Ben? <g>
    Tony Harding, Jan 10, 2009
  14. mayade21

    Ben Myers Guest

    I don't have any Seoul brothers. ;>)

    I gave up, because the owner has neither a Korean Windows 98 CD nor the
    CD or floppys(???) for the very expensive dongle-activated software.
    There is only so much that one can try to do with an old now-obsolete
    operating system. Client will pay for my time, even though without
    success. Or victory, in very concrete terms.

    If the version was Windows 98 Mandarin or Japanese, my son could help.
    If he was here in the country right now... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 10, 2009
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