Dell has changed it policy on OS disk

Discussion in 'Dell' started by BigJIm, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. BigJIm

    Irene Guest

    Strange, how "total freedom of speech" is, according to the pro Dell
    members of this group, permitted for some and not for others. Insults,
    swearing, name calling when posted by the pro Dell folks is O.K. But anti
    Dell posts and most complaints about Dell are not acceptable. Nor are
    complaints about those who post foul language. You, AlanP, Sparky, and
    others have "total freedom of speech", but I don't. Nor do numerous others
    that your group decides can't have the same rights as you and the rest of
    the "Dellbots".
    That's a "total freedom of speech" that I have not previously encountered.
    Irene, Apr 17, 2005
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  2. BigJIm

    Ted Zieglar Guest

    On the contrary, I welcome anti-Dell posts, if they are warranted. But in
    all the years I've been reading this group I have yet to come across an
    anti-Dell thread that I can support. All the anti-Dell threads I've read so
    far are by crusaders on self-appointed missions, or the bigoted, the rude
    and the clueless, all of who would have the same trouble with any other
    brand of computer, or toaster or cellphone or vacuum cleaner...

    As for free speech, that's fine with me. I have a killfile for posters I
    can't abide. All the posters who enter my killfile eventually give up and
    leave us alone. But not you. You just keep coming back for more. It doesn't
    seem to matter to you that nobody gives a damn about your 'mission'. Maybe
    your real mission is to get insults rained on you and become a
    laughingstock. You have succeeded!

    Ted Zieglar
    Ted Zieglar, Apr 18, 2005
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  3. BigJIm

    your mama Guest

    oh yeah... you're the model of an open minded person.
    the people posting dell problems are "crusaders on self-appointed missions",
    "bigoted", "rude", "clueless".
    you've not seen one anti dell post you could support?

    one might reasonably conclude that you are a dell bigot, that is rude to
    anti dell posters and is clueless to the very real problems people have with
    dell. in short you are on a crusade of your own to summarily dismiss others
    with labels while continuing your self-appointed mission of blindly blowing
    the dell horn.

    i guess the size your killfile illustrates just how close minded you really
    are. so how big is it mr. "i welcome anti-Dell posts"?
    your mama, Apr 18, 2005
  4. BigJIm

    Ben Myers Guest

    This thread contains messages which show that people have amazing amounts of
    energy. People! Hello! Now go do something useful with the energy, before I
    split my sides laughing at the sheer silliness... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Apr 18, 2005
  5. BigJIm

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    Well, you quoted her, so what does that make you?
    Paul Knudsen, Apr 18, 2005
  6. BigJIm

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    I'll try to use little words here.

    1. Don't quote her.
    2. Learn to filter.
    Paul Knudsen, Apr 18, 2005
  7. BigJIm

    Ted Zieglar Guest

    Agreed. I hereby resign from this thread. My job here - for better or
    worse - is done.

    Ted Zieglar
    Ted Zieglar, Apr 18, 2005
  8. Exactly which language are you objecting to in my post?

    Maybe you're confused about my reference to "that memo" - it's the memo
    appointing Irene Netcop and assigning her the task of monitoring
    language usage on the NG, not the one recommending cursing in front of
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 18, 2005
  9. Yet another "boo hoo hoo" post from Irene. You seem to post a lot for
    someone whose freedom of speech is being stifled by the nasty Dellbots.
    Live & learn, eh?

    BTW, I'm tired of your repeated attempts to stifle MY freedom of speech!
    Consider this your formal notification.
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 18, 2005
  10. OY! Another Netcop. :(
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 18, 2005
  11. You know the Usenet rules, Ted, you can't just resign, you stupid Nazi!!!
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 19, 2005
  12. BigJIm

    Steve W. Guest

    Written like a true left wing liberal.
    "I don't want to change my views, YOU must change yours so they fit my

    It is real simple if YOU don't like the language LEAVE. You have that
    If you don't want children exposed to any "bad" language you better
    never send them to schools, or friends homes or anywhere else. Or better
    yet sit them down an explain what the words mean and why they should not
    use them. It's called being a parent. Of course most of todays "parents"
    are to busy being "friends" of their kids instead of doing the real job
    of parenting.
    Steve W., Apr 19, 2005
  13. BigJIm

    your mama Guest

    quite to the contrary, i'm rather conservative. this has nothing to do with
    changing any views. you can keep whatever views you have about anything you
    wish. expressing those views using obscene language is the issue. try
    writing an obscene post, then deleting the obscenities. does it not say the
    same thing to a rational person? you'll also have more credibility in the
    discussion since adults can discuss topics without obscenities and make
    their points.
    right. you're acting offensively and you want others to leave instead of
    you cleaning up your language. this sounds like what non-smokers had to
    endure for years. stay at home unless you want to breath in carcinogens.
    are you a non-smoker? can i blow smoke in your face and then tell you to
    leave if you don't like it? all i suggest is that you not blow your
    obscenities in peoples' faces.
    right. we can tape their eyes closed and plug their ears. what's wrong
    with expecting obscenity hurling people to act responsibly around children?
    save your filth when you're around your adult friends. heaven forbid you
    take personal responsibility for your actions and the adverse affects they
    may have on others. better to play the faux "victim". pretty pathetic for
    an adult if you ask me. or is your brain still in developmental stages?
    (aka immaturity)

    maybe we can just allow public fornication while we're at it? if people
    don't want to see it then they can turn away right? how far do you propose
    to go?
    your mama, Apr 20, 2005
  14. BigJIm

    your mama Guest

    i guess the size your killfile illustrates just how close minded you
    gee, leaving so soon? care to disclose the number of entries in your
    killfile first? i'm just dying to know many people you "can't abide".
    your mama, Apr 20, 2005
  15. BigJIm

    tedB Guest

    Get a newsreader like Agent. Killfile those you don't like and you'll
    never see them again. Use Agent's Global filtering and you won't even
    see posts which reply to them. It will filter on the name, etc., in the
    replying post message body and discard it. The only downside to using
    Global filtering is that all bodies in the group must be downloaded,
    you and then you have to call up the filter interface. But you probably
    already download all messages. This group isn't so large that this is a
    great effort.

    A slight bit of work, but the recompense is you never again have to read
    the fool's output, not even when the reply of others contains it.

    I also killfile people who make a habit of answering the group fools.

    Just my two-cents.
    tedB, Apr 24, 2005
  16. BigJIm

    dumpsta Guest

    you must killfile more than you read in this ng!
    dumpsta, Apr 28, 2005
  17. Thanks for the tip.
    I just posted my dissatisfaction about no CD and will call if they will
    supply one easily.
    I was going to dispute the whole purchase through my CC company.
    Their willingness to supply the CD shows that they know they are deceiving
    and ripping people off with regards to that.
    Some may say it is to give the customer a better price, as many are
    incapable of installing the OS anyway ...
    Their object may be to keep the cost down for the customer, but the reason
    behind THAT is to keep market share.
    Follow the money..

    -Phil Clemence
    -Phil Clemence, Feb 1, 2006
  18. BigJIm

    Tom Scales Guest

    Your dispute will fail. They did not mislead you. You did not do your
    Tom Scales, Feb 1, 2006
  19. BigJIm

    Joel Guest

    Your order list shows if the CD is provided. I ordered mine and it said
    included, but when I received the PC it wasn't there so they sent me
    one. But you have to order at time of order. They are not deceiving
    anyone, they just changed their policy.
    Joel, Feb 1, 2006
  20. If you truly believe what you have said, you have already cancelled your
    Additionally you have bought from a supplier that furnishes the CD and
    finally you have notified Dell of your reasons for buying from the

    Many OEMs have worked this way for a few years, Dell was perhaps the last
    holdout among the major OEMs.

    Next time research before.
    Obviously you were able to locate these newsgroups easily after the sale,
    next time research before and help prevent your own problems.
    Jupiter Jones, Feb 2, 2006
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