Dell has changed it policy on OS disk

Discussion in 'Dell' started by BigJIm, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Be sure to practice safe computing, however. :-D
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 7, 2005
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  2. When's the last time you purchased an IBM desktop?
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 7, 2005
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  3. Blame Nixon & his historic 1972 trip.
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 7, 2005
  4. BigJIm

    Irene Guest

    They can't have any worse customer and tech support than a Dell Dimension
    purchased through the Home/Home Office division. >g<
    That is why I listed them as the THIRD option.
    Irene, Apr 7, 2005
  5. <raises right hand>

    Dim 8400 refurb delivered 03/03/05 (along with a refurb 1704FPV LCD
    Sparky Spartacus, Apr 7, 2005
  6. BigJIm

    S.Lewis Guest

    And yet, here you still remain. Such dedication, such passion, such
    commitment to the cause.

    We have to stop meeting like this, Irene. Others will talk.....

    S.Lewis, Apr 7, 2005
  7. Enough have posted after new purchases since the Dell
    announcement to determine, sort of, that:

    a) the "restore to as shipped factory install configuration"
    partition for reinstalling the OS has been on all of them.

    b) presence or lack of the WinXP OEM reinstall disk was spotty,
    but tending toward presence early on in the changeover and toward
    absence lately.

    c) It seems that the "drivers" CD is gone, in favor of one
    downloading them from Dell.

    d) Productivity suite [currently WordPerfect] and AV [Macafee?
    currently] reinstall CDs are included.

    e) It appears that the autostart script that offers to create an
    OS reinstall CD from the hidden partition of a) upon first
    start-up doesn't run if a CD Drive is not present on the machine.

    f) If you fight hard enough, it would seem you can get an XP
    restore CD, whether at a $10 or whatever PITA charge for Dell
    having to do it or not is still uncertain - not enough info on

    g) In a 15-minute search of the Dell web jungle yesterday,
    including the forums, I failed to find any information at all on
    any of this - other than the odd, unanswered by Dell, post that
    tended to be saying WTFO? on this topic, just as we are in

    Fortunately [and knocking on wood madly], I don't expect to be
    getting a new machine for a year or so, when this will have
    played out. Depending on how it has played out, if an OS
    reinstall CD is not available from Dell - or Gateway, or HP/C,
    etc. should they have better pricing - I would be inclined to go
    the OS-less option through the small business site and get my own
    XP. And factor that cost into my price comparisons.
    Ogden Johnson III, Apr 7, 2005
  8. BigJIm

    Irene Guest

    Don't you get tired of making the same irrational comments. For the several
    dozenth time(not exactly good language),

    WE STILL OWN AND OPERATE THREE(3), read that carefully, THREE(3) DELL
    Accordingly, I have as much right to be here as you,
    possibly, MORE. Since you spend more harassing people who are having
    problems with their Dell computers and are upset with Dell, than anything
    Irene, Apr 7, 2005
  9. BigJIm

    Ted Zieglar Guest

    "Don't you get tired of making the same irrational comments."

    I wish you would. Besides, everyone around here knows what you're going to
    say, so if you insist on posting why not just put "like usual" in the body
    and leave it at that?

    Ted Zieglar
    Ted Zieglar, Apr 7, 2005
  10. BigJIm

    S.Lewis Guest

    "I love you, Irene."

    S.Lewis, Apr 7, 2005
  11. BigJIm

    PC Medic Guest

    Whine-Whine-Whine....Say Good-Night Irene!
    By the way, Dell has just started a support call center here in the U.S. in
    the building right next to my work.
    Appears they are moving at least some of the support back to the states.
    PC Medic, Apr 8, 2005
  12. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    i always put on a glove before i grab my big mouse... 8-()
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  13. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    right... but why stop at 32 years ago though? why not go back to the end
    of WWII when Roosevelt left the commies in charge of china and northern
    korea? ohhh, that's right. he's a democrat and we all know they are weak
    on defense and long term implications... 8-P
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  14. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    like the same couldn't be said for you? yaaaawwwnnnnnn.....
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  15. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    there's one born every minute... but you might be an hours worth!
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  16. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    hahahaha.... so your statement validates irene's "whine"! if dell's
    support didn't suck so bad, why would they have to move it back to the U.S.?

    you should be thanking irene for spearheading the effort to return dell
    support to respectable levels! your sheepish attitude of "well others do
    it, and now dell does it, so we have to live with it" got nothing but more
    of the same crap support. irene's firm voice and spine has lead the way
    back to good support (hopefully), even for you worthless sheep that would
    just as willingly eat the swill support dell has shoveled into your trough
    over the last few years. baahaaahaaaa.

    viva irene! we luv ya babe!! fight the good fight!!! stand firm no matter
    how many sheep bray at you...
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  17. BigJIm

    ZupaDupa Guest

    you can order a system without an OS? never saw that option?
    ZupaDupa, Apr 8, 2005
  18. BigJIm

    BigJim Guest

    BigJim, Apr 8, 2005
  19. BigJIm

    BigJim Guest

    received xp disk today end of story
    BigJim, Apr 8, 2005
  20. BigJIm

    Irene Guest

    You must understand, he is a "Dellbot" and "Dellbots" have rights that they
    deny the rest of us.
    Irene, Apr 8, 2005
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