Dell inspirion refuses to charge new battery.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Rahul, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul Guest

    The battery on my 2 year old, out-of-warranty, Dell Inspirion E1505 was
    almost dead ( about 6 min. charge retention). A new Dell battery was
    around 200$ and hence I bought a E1505 compatible battery from Kahlon

    After I swapped in my new Kahlon battery my Dell beeped on boot-up and
    issued a warning of the sort: "Unrecognized battery type; Will not be
    able to charge". Pressing F1 allowed me to ignore this and continue. I
    kept the AC charger connected for about 12 hrs to get the battery its
    recommended initial charge. Subsequently I disconnected AC power and
    proceeded to work on the battery till it empty. (about 4 hours).
    Laptop worked fine. (all the while the battery charging LED blinks
    green/orange) Perhaps it did not charge at all from my adapter but kep
    working for 4 hours on its factory-charge?

    On next recharges same warning recurs. F1 allows me to bypass. Only
    difference now the battery does not charge at all. On AC adapter
    disconnect the laptop immediately dies. Double clicking on the power bar
    gives me all the battery details including Amp-hrs, manufacturer etc.
    Charge %age always remains at zero.

    I have no clue how to fix this! I suspect its the right battery but some
    Dell check that prevents me from using anything other than their
    expensive "official" battery. No proof but a strong suspicion.

    Debug steps so far:

    1. Tried booting from a Knoppix Live Linux CD. Still same warning. Will
    work only so long as I have the adapter. /proc/acpi/battery recognizes
    all battery details. Charge %age remains zero.

    2. Looked at the BIOS. No user-changeable
    battery settings at all there. Probably the Dell-custom-BIOS has the
    additional features disabled?

    3. Only one BIOS flash upgrade listed on Dell website for this model.
    Its only an optional update. Too chicken to try it yet lest I end up
    with an "expensive doorstop"

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated! If I can help it I do not want
    to pay Dell 200$ to inject new life into a laptop that cost $700 2 years
    Rahul, Apr 8, 2008
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