Dell Inspiron 1150 - Wireless Speed Problem (Very Slow)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Reto Walker, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Reto Walker

    Reto Walker Guest

    Hi Guys

    I just received my Dell 1150 with Dell Wireless 1350 WLAN card.

    While all other laptops in the office (Dell m510 / HP z4940) can connect to
    the Internet (through Orinoco Access Point) at speeds as high as
    200Kbits/Sec, the Dell 1150 feels like on dial-up with speeds never reaching
    in excess of 5Kbits/sec and frequently falling below 1Kbits/sec.

    Obviously, all settings have been triple checked and are identical to the
    other machines. Signal strength is shown as "Excellent".

    I have already contacted Dell Tech Support but was hoping that someone in
    this group can help me out as the same problem seems to have been around for
    a while in DellTalk (though no solution was provided) and Dell Tech Support
    is not known to be very fast.

    Thanks in advance


    Reto Walker, Mar 26, 2005
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  2. First off, what speed are you connecting to the access point at? I
    presume you're in Windows; it should say the connection rate when you
    hover your mouse over the wireless connection icon in the lower right
    hand side of your start bar (if it's not there, check under Control
    Panel -> Network Conncetions). Have you tried connecting to another PC
    on your LAN? The simplest test in Windows ought to be to share a
    directory on another PC, and transfer over a relatively large file and
    see how long it takes (note this will give you the effective bandwith
    which is roughly 5.5Mbps = 670KBps for a 802.11B connecting at 11Mbps).

    Also what speed is your external connection (In Kbps or Mbps) and what
    type of connection is it (eg. DSL, Cable, T1, ISDN, etc.)? 200Kbps is
    very low for most broadband connections, DSL tends to start at 768Kbps
    and cable around 1.5Mbps (unless you meant to say you gett 200KBps --
    note the capital B). Just to be clear, when I use a lower case b I'm
    talking bits, when I use capital B I mean bytes (8 bits to a byte), so
    200KBps is fairly reasonable for DSL, Cable or a T1.

    Finally, this may be obvious, but have you tested multiple servers?
    Perhaps the computer you're connecting to on the web has a fairly low
    upload bandwith. Try a speed test at or
    (select any file, and "Clock It!" should be on the right of the download).
    Nicholas Andrade, Mar 27, 2005
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  3. Reto Walker

    Quaoar Guest

    Stay late and try your connection when most users have teminated their
    connections. The problem can be as simple as sharing an already full

    Quaoar, Mar 27, 2005
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