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Dell Inspiron 4100 / Latitude C610 and non-working pointing stick

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Mat, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Mat

    Mat Guest


    I recently swapped keyboards between an Inspiron 4100 and a Latitude
    C610 (they're identical except for the BIOS)and my pointing stick
    stopped working. All the keys and the touchpad work fine. Windows XP
    sees it as a functioning device, but for some reason it is dead. As
    soon as I put the new keyboard back in the system where I'd taken it
    from, the stick worked again. Same for my original keyboard in that

    There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the port on my laptop, as
    the original pointing stick does work. I can't use the keyboard
    itself because it is the wrong language.

    Both keyboards do work - but it is hit and miss. Is there anything I
    should know about the pointing stick cable / port on the motherboard?

    Mat, Nov 3, 2003
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