DELL Inspiron desktop 531

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Jonathan Eales, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Has anyone seen one of the DELL Inspiron desktop 531 in the UK yet?

    I ordered one recently and it hasn't moved out of Pre-production.

    I'm interested to see what it looks like and how quiet it is with the ATX
    case instead of the previous BTX case.

    Or even a Inspiron 530 desktop?

    Jonathan Eales, Jul 4, 2007
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  2. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    I ordered an Inspiron 531 yesterday and it is also (still) at the Pre-
    Production stage. Not too sure how long it usually takes to move
    beyond that though as this is the first time I've purchased a Dell.

    Have you had any further progress on yours?

    simonuk, Jul 11, 2007
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  3. No, my order is still in Pre-production since I ordered it on 2nd July. I
    called them and was told it was the leadtime of the AMD Athlon X2 5600+
    processor which has been available for months now. Strange, as AMD has just
    considerably reduced the prices on these CPUs, maybe DELL is just taking

    Or perhaps the delay is on the new cases, motherboards, software loads,
    production and quality methods, packaging and documentation of the new

    Typically, and I order 2-3 systems per week, the order to delivery time is 4
    to 5 working days on a 'standard' advertised system configuration.

    I'm not ordering anymore Dimensions until I see the new models, including
    the small business Vostro range that is available in the UK from today.
    Jonathan Eales, Jul 12, 2007
  4. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    I've seen on the Dell Community forum that there are other people
    asking why their 531's are still not shipped (one person has had
    theirs shipped and they seem to be in America, but appear to have
    ordered a lower spec machine), what does seem consistent though is
    that the orders that aren't seeing progress seem to have 5600+
    processors and 8600GT graphics cards.

    Looking at the Vosto range, they appear to be the same (with very
    small differences, if any?) as the Inspiron range, but in black cases
    instead of the white/silver of the Inspirons - only available with
    Intel processors though from my quick look at the site earlier.

    simonuk, Jul 13, 2007
  5. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    My 'Order Watch' page has changed status today, from pre-production to
    production. Confusingly though it's not showing today's date as the
    one that it went in to "production" but July 10th instead...
    simonuk, Jul 15, 2007
  6. Jonathan Eales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Dell's status system is a joke. Odds are that it was produced on July
    10th and likely is already on its way to you.

    Almost every computer I have ordered from Dell has been setup and in use
    in my home BEFORE Dell's system switched to 'shipped'.
    Tom Scales, Jul 15, 2007
  7. Jonathan Eales

    RnR Guest

    I agree with Tom. I've had the same experience with many that I can
    RnR, Jul 15, 2007
  8. Same here, now in Production with 4th July as the date. The estimated
    delivery date is shown as 19th July. I've found the shipper's date more
    accurate than DELL's in the past.
    Jonathan Eales, Jul 16, 2007
  9. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    Thanks for the info - having never ordered from Dell before I'm not
    really too sure quite what to expect, and the experience from other
    people that I've asked about it seems different for every single
    person - consistency seems to be a thing that Dell lacks!

    However, my order has now updated to "dispatched" overnight, so
    presuming that it is true my system must now be on the way - no
    details of who the carrier is though and any tracking details...

    simonuk, Jul 16, 2007
  10. The delivery saga continues...

    I've just received a late delivery advisory email from DELL with a new order
    number stating that the estimated delivery of my my system has moved to 27th
    July. So, it looks like it takes a month to get one of these new Inspiron

    I wouldn't mind, but I've already sold my existing DELL PC, so I'm suffering
    computer games withdrawal symptoms until my new high-speed DELL desktop
    Jonathan Eales, Jul 17, 2007
  11. Jonathan Eales

    S.Lewis Guest

    Truthfully, this isn't altogether unusual for their new models in my

    Hopefully your patience will be well rewarded.
    S.Lewis, Jul 17, 2007
  12. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    Mine is due to arrive tomorrow (Thursday), so I'll post back here when
    it arrives. Hopefully that'll be a good sign that they are actually
    making their way out of the Dell factory...

    simonuk, Jul 18, 2007
  13. Jonathan Eales

    simonuk Guest

    Yes, my Inspiron 531 arrived this morning - just unpacking it at the

    Looks a very nice machine, and as my first Dell PC I'm impressed so
    far - let's hope I remain so!

    simonuk, Jul 19, 2007
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