Dell Mini 9, Acer Aspire One and HP 2133 - how to install software?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by phuile, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. phuile

    phuile Guest

    I am looking at buying an 8.9" netbook, and am looking at the Dell
    Mini 9, Acer Aspire One (WinXP), and the HP. I have been using Dell
    systems for a long time so am leaning towards the Dell. But I've seen
    the Acer and the HP and the Acer screen looks much better to me. I am
    wondering what people think here - which one is the best buy?

    I am also wondering how I can install softwares onto these netbook as
    there are no CD or DVD drives. I can connect an external DVD drice via
    USB but it means that I have to go out and get one, which added to the
    cost. If you think of the HP costing around $700 (Canadian) for the
    config that I want, add an external DVD and Warranty. I am looking at
    a cost that will get me a low-end fully configurable Dell Inspiron. I
    know the small size is what you are getting but I am just asking if
    anyone has any take on this and am I missing something?

    I am also looking for something that can allow me to use something
    like a Telus wireless card so I don't have to hunt for hot spot?

    phuile, Sep 17, 2008
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  2. phuile

    phuile Guest

    Addition to the above post --

    I am not just looking to see how to install software (whether I do
    need to buy a drive), but also to see which of the 3 netbooks are a
    better buy.

    Any advice appreciated!
    phuile, Sep 18, 2008
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  3. phuile

    lbiegel Guest

    I was in the same boat last week, and went with the Dell Mini9. In
    order to install programs, assuming they are on CD, you need to have a
    second computer on the same network, or a large (1GB or larger) thumb
    drive. If you are using the network, make sure you can access the main
    PC from your Mini. Insert the program CD into the main PC, and copy
    all the files into a folder on the desktop that you set up as shared.
    Then, map to the PC with the files on the desktop (my favorite way is
    START->RUN-> type \\IP of PC with files on it (\\ for
    example) and the ENTER. This will bring up a window showing all shared
    files on the PC. Open the folder with the installation files, and copy
    all to your Netbook. The just run the setup.exe (or whatever setup
    file you have).
    If you are using a thumb drive, do the same, but copy the files to the
    drive and then put the drive in the Mini and copy them to its desktop.
    lbiegel, Oct 2, 2008
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