Dell On Site Warranty- Why Bother?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Wayne Day, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Wayne Day

    Wayne Day Guest

    The boss's laptop went out. She had purchased on-site support. The
    problem is unimportant. I traced it to a bad memory module. I
    confirmed it with Dell's own diagnostic software.

    She calls to get on site support. She explains all the error codes I
    got running the diagnostic. They tell her "it's a software problem."
    They make her go through the entire diagnostic again. Two hours. They
    confirm what I already discovered.

    Here's a lady who bought on-site service thinking she could tend to
    her business while they send a computer guy. Oh no. There is no one to
    serve our city of 50,000 people. She must drive 45 miles to a city of
    180,000 and- get this- *meet the guy at a McDonalds*. I kid you not.
    He can't drive to us because "he's ill."

    Her alternative? They will send the part and she can install it

    What the heck kind of company has Dell become? *This* is their
    "on-site service?"
    Wayne Day, Oct 27, 2006
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  2. Wayne Day

    miket6065 Guest

    Well, my laptop's display went out. One month before the warranty expired.
    I contacted Dell and they dispatch a tech to fix the laptop within 2 days.
    No complaints here.
    miket6065, Oct 27, 2006
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  3. Wayne Day

    Wayne Day Guest

    I don't understand the difference in service. Is there some kind of
    econ-on-site that she may have signed up for by mistake? Should she
    call in and talk to someone else?

    I mean, meet a tech at a McDonald's?
    Wayne Day, Oct 27, 2006
  4. Wayne Day

    Tom Scales Guest

    Elevate to a supervisor. Write .

    This is ridiculous. They sold it to you. Getting to your town is their
    problem. So what if they lose money.

    Tom Scales, Oct 27, 2006
  5. Wayne Day

    S.Lewis Guest

    You get most any error message from the Dell diagnostics, and the biggest
    problem you have is the address where the tech should show up.

    Obviously, this phone tech is a looooooooser. She should escalate it, get
    her onsite service and bust the "tech" involved. He/she is an oxygen thief.
    S.Lewis, Oct 27, 2006
  6. Wayne Day

    Eugene Nine Guest

    Was it a latitude or inspiron? The service is handeled differently for the
    two model lines.
    Eugene Nine, Oct 27, 2006
  7. Wayne Day

    Leythos Guest

    Well, I've had two different customers that didn't renew the support
    contracts before they expired, their laptops, both 4 months out of
    service had problems. Called Dell and asked if we could renew the
    service agreement, told them we had no problems with the laptops but had
    missed the notice, renewed the service agreement, waited 2 days, called
    for support - both required replacement of the motherboards.

    Had another customer with a hard-drive failing in their laptop, they
    spent several hours with support before calling me, support wanted them
    to restore to factory settings... I got onsite, removed the hard drive,
    called support, spent 20 minutes with support, they sent a new drive and
    it fixed the problem.

    If you know how to work with the script readers you can get things done
    quickly. I would have removed the RAM and then called them, and it would
    have made it a lot quicker.

    As for having to drive to the support tech, it really sounds like oen of
    those once-in-a-blue-moon thing that could happen to a small city client
    and if she had informed them about the lack of service or waited one
    more day, that she would not have had to drive.
    Leythos, Oct 27, 2006
  8. Wayne Day

    Dan Guest

    So is the pay. Latitude techs get 3-4 times as much as
    inspiron...more motivation (and better techs...the bottom-feeders are
    reserved for inspiron and dimension calls)

    Dan, Oct 27, 2006
  9. Wayne Day

    blockster Guest

    blockster, Oct 27, 2006
  10. Wayne Day

    Dan Guest

    If it was a Tuesday, then there's a good reason the tech couldn't
    arrive same-day; every single part from weekend dispatches arrives on
    Tuesday (meaning all calls issued between late Friday, all day
    Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday up to 4pm). The best days for
    service are Mondays and Thursdays. Fridays are also bad because most
    people take it off and schedule appointments around it.

    Most of Dell's on-site sub-contracting companies flatly reject
    overtime for their techs (meaning weekends or after-hours). I'm sure
    many of you enjoy working after 5pm and weekends for free during your
    own employment...but techs usually don't. If I had a dollar for every
    time someone asked for after 5pm or weekend service, I wouldn't need a
    job. Dell, their subcontractors and their customers get what they pay

    And I'm absolutely positive that the technician is sitll employed,
    because the on-site subcontractor cannot hire anyone to take his place
    at that payrate.
    Dan, Oct 27, 2006
  11. Wayne Day

    Dan Guest

    Different companies have different contracts with Dell. NBD (next
    business day) dimension/inspiron service has very high call volume
    (meaning lots of customers) but is usually reserved for the
    bottom-feeding lowest bidders (i.e. low pay, meaning overstressed
    disgruntled techs who really dont give a ...hoot ...and will find any
    excuse to go home early and get real money). Travel time is poorly
    reimbursed ( less than 3/4 of federal allowances), there are several
    sites to drive to (usually residential or cottage industries). Techs
    get an annual 20% pay CUT (no exaggeration in that figure) because
    Dell keeps lowering the per-call reimbursement, saying they can repair
    the computers overseas cheaper than providing on-site services (anyone
    out there who's been asked if they want their laptop shipped to a
    "depot" can verify this). And there's always that single, daily rural
    call 50 miles out-of-the-way that bitches to high hell and escalates
    calls because their lack of controlling the situation makes them lash
    out, but I'm digressing...

    Latitude calls are dispatched on a per-call basis; so about $30 to $40
    per call. If it's a big corporate center and theres 4 or 5 latitiudes
    at one site, the tech might make $200 in about two hours (if he's good
    at replacing motherboards). Little driving, full mileage
    reimrbusements, and a LOT less hassle from everyone.

    Out of the two options above, just guess which company I would be
    trying to get into if I were a proficient and motivated technician?

    Dan, Oct 27, 2006
  12. Wayne Day

    Notan Guest

    Which might be a valid statement, if companies waited for 4 or 5 Latitudes
    to fail, before calling for repair/service.

    Most don't.

    Notan, Oct 27, 2006
  13. Wayne Day

    S.Lewis Guest

    Dan -

    I just scanned this thread. While I have no proof, I don't believe the
    statement that the Latitude techs make "3-4 times" what Inspiron/Dimension
    techs do is correct.

    I was on a call with a (female) Dell (gold) tech who (when I expressed
    appreciation for her level of service and promptness in getting the problem
    resolved for me since I had a Latitude) said that she served Inspiron
    customers as well, FWIW.

    Unless you're talking domestic (US wages) compared to perhaps India
    support - whose wages I have no idea about.

    S.Lewis, Oct 27, 2006
  14. Wayne Day

    Wayne Day Guest

    Tuesday? The tech wasn't "arriving" PERIOD. They're not going to send
    a tech at all. They expect *her* to pull the keyboard out of her
    laptop and replace the part.
    Wayne Day, Oct 27, 2006
  15. Wayne Day

    Tom Scales Guest

    Well that is actually to be expected. Read the fine print of the warranty
    (Dell or any major). If it is considered user replaceable (Memory,
    keyboard, CD drive, etc.), they expect you to do it.

    Even with the on-site warranty.

    Tom Scales, Oct 27, 2006
  16. Wayne Day

    jerry_maple Guest

    Similar good service here. Optical drive on my daughter's laptop
    stopped recognizing CDs, 2 months before warranty expiration. Ran
    diagnostics, said everything was OK. Went to online chat with Dell tech
    support. Took about 3 minutes of typing for them to say "Known problem,
    we'll ship you another drive." User installable part, remove one screw,
    in-and-out. This was about 2PM on a Thursday, by Noon on Friday, the
    drive was on my doorstep. Austin to Phoenix in less than 24 hours. Had
    more trouble than that with DHL returning the bad drive - driver
    refused to cross the parking lot at work, insisted I call DHL back and
    reschedule the pickup, with the exact address of the secondary building
    I work in. Dumb thing is, he makes daily afternoon pickups from both
    buildings anyway.

    But Dell, nothing but bouquets, this time.

    jerry_maple, Oct 27, 2006
  17. Wayne Day

    Wayne Day Guest

    I guess then *everything* is user replaceable, using that definition.
    Wayne Day, Oct 27, 2006
  18. Wayne Day

    pergurd Guest

    I met my tech @ Panara Bread, he fixed it in 10 minutes and we went on our
    way. It was actually more convenient for me than have him come to my house.
    pergurd, Oct 27, 2006
  19. Wayne Day

    Tom Scales Guest

    But did he buy you a muffin?

    Tom Scales, Oct 27, 2006
  20. Wayne Day

    Old Sailor Guest

    On the other hand, Dell sent a technician out to exchange a One Dollar
    MICROPHONE. I guess they thought it was too tough a job for a fellow
    like me. The technician couldn't believe it either, but what the
    heck, it was an easy XXX dollars for a housecall.
    Old Sailor, Oct 28, 2006
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