Dell Rebate Hassle to Death

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    email back to Dell :

    ``I can't resubmit it because I mailed it to you! It's gone. You have it.

    You surely have the record that I bought the system. You surely have
    the price I bought it at, which offered a $100 rebate. You surely have
    the record that I have received no rebate.

    I don't feel it's worth my going to court exactly for $100, but I do post
    that _Dell does not honor rebates_ whenever the matter comes up, to warn others
    about the practice.

    Your choice.''
    Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006
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  2. Ron Hardin

    Lucid Guest

    The main reason that companies use mail-in rebates is the probability that
    they won't have to pay the money. They make it very tedious and unpleasant
    to collect.

    Dell is among the most obvious. They have all of the information that they
    require you to send to them already in their databases. They got all of it
    when you bought the computer. Why, then, would it require 8 weeks for them
    to send you the rebate? Because the hassles they give you during those 8
    weeks are intended to make you give up trying to get the refund.

    They finally paid my mail-in rebate, after several confusing conversations
    with their India-based representatives. I don't know for sure, but being
    able to mention in my emails that I had a return receipt confirming that
    they got my rebate application may have provided some motivation for the
    final payoff. It cost me a couple of bucks to get a rebate of more than a
    hundred bucks. They still jerked me around for weeks. Considering that I did
    everything by the book and still got a significant hassle, I can just
    imagine how their less-attentive customers are treated.

    Mail-in rebates are the hallmark of a scumbag corporation.

    Lucid, Mar 30, 2006
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  3. Ron Hardin

    Tom Scales Guest

    Some context would help. If there was a real problem with rebates, this
    newsgroup would be flooded. Personally, I've bought 8 or so systems with
    rebates and they've paid every single one.

    This should not be a problem. Just send them another copy of your paperwork
    and they'll honor it. I'm sure you would have kept a copy for a $100

    Tom Scales, Mar 30, 2006
  4. Ron Hardin

    Dean Hoffman Guest

    You're in good company. A Wikepedia article says Tivo kept 5
    million dollars in rebates. It says something like 60% of the rebate
    offers overall get redeemed.

    Dean Hoffman, Mar 30, 2006
  5. And your time is worth nothing?
    William P.N. Smith, Mar 30, 2006

  6. Some companies are better than others. I went round and round with the company
    handling Western Digital's rebate program over a check that never seemed to
    arrive. It took over 5 months to finally receive and that was only after I
    became incredibly abusive to each person I spoke to..,. calling them thieves and
    questioning their competence and the fluidity of their company. Haven't bought
    another WD hard drive since.

    OTOH, companies like Staples are an absolute delight to work with in regards to
    honoring a rebate. Frankly, they do it the way all companies should be required
    to do.
    Mortimer Schnerd, RN, Mar 30, 2006
  7. I do not find that it helps to become abusive to the peons who
    are answering the phones, although it may make you feel better
    in the short term. I find that it's more helpful to send
    letters of complaint to the president of the company and to
    file complaints (alleging intentional rebate fraud) with the
    Attorney Generals of the states in which the manufacturer and
    rebate processing company are located.
    LOL! For a markedly different perspective about Staples
    rebates, please read
    Jonathan Kamens, Mar 30, 2006
  8. no cross-posting please, reply only to where this was

    you can obtain copies of your packing slip and your invoice when you log on
    to and look at your order history. it really isn't a big deal.
    you may also find that they dell forums are more help than this group (who
    can't help you process your rebate but can only help you vent your anger).
    i have never had a problem with dell rebates. well ok, one time i had a
    problem... i submitted a claim for $300 in rebates for a two pc purchase and
    received a check for $450. i called the rebate department to see how to go
    about returning the extra and they said they did not know of any way to
    return a rebate and to just keep it... that's exactly want i had wanted to
    Christopher Muto, Mar 30, 2006
  9. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    Context : I sent the stuff in, nothing happened.

    A query produced the suggestion that I send it in again.

    That was my answer. I don't have a copy. They have it.

    $100 isn't enough to seek out a copier in some distant store against the possibility
    that mail would get lost. Mail doesn't get lost unless it's deliberate, more or less.

    This is my only Dell system, so they're one for one, a pretty high failure rate.
    Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006

  10. I never talked to anyone on the phone; it was all done by email. I started out
    playing by the rules and being nice. When that didn't work and three months had
    passed I became progressively not so nice. By the end I was a gaping asshole.
    That's when I finally got my money.
    Mortimer Schnerd, RN, Mar 30, 2006
  11. None of that matters. They don't WANT to give you that money, and, as
    you saw, they will use any little technicality they can to justify
    keeping it.

    Congratulations - looks like you've joined the club.
    Scott en Aztlán, Mar 30, 2006
  12. Ron Hardin

    Tom Scales Guest

    Sorry, but if you didn't bother to copy it, you're out of luck. They
    process millions of rebates. Occasionally they get lost. I guarantee that
    on the form you filled out, it properly cautioned you to keep a copy.

    Tom Scales, Mar 30, 2006
  13. Ron Hardin

    Tom Scales Guest

    Let's face it, if Dell was intentionally denying rebates, this newsgroup
    would be flooded with complaints. It's not. Mistakes happen. Always make
    Tom Scales, Mar 30, 2006
  14. You could have purchased a scanner for less than $100.00 and used that to
    make a copy of the rebate materials for itself.
    Traditional Conservative, Mar 30, 2006
  15. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    Talk to someone in customer service.

    journey, Mar 30, 2006
  16. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    They don't get lost. There's an address on the front that keeps rerouting the
    mail until it gets where it's supposed to go.

    Dell can however set up a flakey mail processing center, where getting lost is
    quite likely. That's their responsibility.

    As to keeping a copy, they have all the records of it that they need.

    No doubt they process millions. Nevertheless they ``lost'' mine, one for one,
    100%, and don't seem inclined to honor it.

    I'm sure they don't mind if it post it, is all.
    Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006
  17. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    If it's a mistake, you'll be the first to hear about it, when I post that
    I got my rebate. Don't hold your breath.
    Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006
  18. Ron Hardin

    Lucid Guest

    Well, let's see... Five minutes at the post office counter may have some
    value, but I didn't charge them. I was already at the post office to pick up
    mail from my post office box.

    Lucid, Mar 30, 2006
  19. Ron Hardin

    Lucid Guest

    You've stated that foolishness twice, and it is no better the second time.
    Two seconds on Google will give you an idea of just how widespread this
    problem with Dell rebates truly is. Some of the first things that popped up

    You assume that many participants of this newsgroup would be complaining,
    and there have been postings of problems here, but in general, computer
    customers have been cowed into silence by the pervasive atmosphere of bad
    customer service, bad tech support and general scumminess by computer
    companies. Measuring the lack of an uproar is a foolish way to prove the
    absence of a problem.

    Lucid, Mar 30, 2006
  20. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    Call them up, complain, ask to escalate. How long have you had the
    computer? I've had Dell offer me $100 in their accessory store, $100
    cash, free 3 year warranty upgrade, free upgraded extended battery,
    and a free printer.

    It can be a hassle, but it's likely that you will be able to get
    something. As long as you know that you're on moral high ground and
    did everything right from your end, then you should feel free to try
    to make things right, in some form or another.

    journey, Mar 30, 2006
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